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Making Finasol

OK, I’ve read 20 articles from T-mag on Finaplix-H and Finasol. I think I’ve got the basics: Crush the Finaplix pellits and drop them in Androsol for 2 - 3 days. Shake occasionally to stir up mixture. That part I got. Now, my questions:
Exactly how many cartons of Finaplix do I need to disolve in one bottle of Androsol? Mostly I’ve seen 1 carton. Is that what I should go with? 1 carton Finaplix, 1 bottle Androsol for 70 sprays twice a day for two weeks. Does this sound right to everyone else? Thanks.

There are many different recipes for Finasol. There can be longer “mild” cycles, short “hard” cycles, you can use Nandrosol in combination with Fina and Androsol etc…

I’d advise you to wait on the article T-mag is working on. It will cover every possible way to use fina (including topically) and provide several recipes along with safety recommendations. Bill Roberts is putting the final touches on it now. He should be getting it to us soon. Hint hint, Bill! :slight_smile:

So, be patient and you’ll be glad you did.

i like 2 cartons of plix (or one of comp-t) to one bottle of 50/50 andro/nandro mixture. sprayed 50 sprays 2x/day. this yields about 3 weeks usage per bottle and has really worked wonders for me. there is really no wrong way to make this, however. it just depends on your goals and how concerned you are about money, side effects, etc. good luck man.