Making Fina

I have just completed making my first dose of Fina. The kit that I recieved and is a good source. (vacum packed products) didn’t come with benzyl benzoate. My question is should this fina be baked or not. and if so do you have to vent the vial while being baked?

So long as the vial you are placing the filtered tren in is sterile, there is no need to bake your tren as the filter will have filtered out any bacteria, and the Ba will have killed the rest.

most kits dont come with BB, rather BA. if you steralize your solution then yes vent it with a pin. no need to bake it for longer then 20 minutes at 215 degrees. i have used home brewed both ways. both worked just fine. never a bad shot.

Vent it and bake it. What is the to lose? Bake it at 225 for 30 minutes as a final sterilization step. So you have sterile starting materials, then add a certain amount of BA and BB, then heat it. A 3 step sterilization process.

Hey,Sj!!Jus curious to know if i can make Winny Depot my self.Pl reply with procedure.