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Making Do with Less


Ive just finished a very successfull cycle of test cyp and anadrol.
wk 1-8 500mg test per week
wk 1-4 75mg anadrol a day

I had arimedex sitting around throughout the cycle incase i ran into estrogen problems, however dispite some minor sensitive nipples, i suffered no negative side effects. Throughout this cycle i gained about 20 pounds mass if i disregard my fat levels riseing and droping.

Now this tuesday will be the second week that i have been off of test, so therefore the logical start date of my pct, with i had planned to be novadex, using a 40/20 dosage for the first and second week. However, to my dismay, the supplier of my novadex was caught importing products through the mail, and ontop of being being completely out of product, is also facing legal charges. :frowning:

So now im stuck making due with a less than perfect post cycle. Im wondering, even though its not recomended, if i can substitute the novadex with dosages of arimendex to combat the estergen now. Im hoping that since i never had problems with estergen symptoms, that i naturally am not carrying a high amount, and that i could combat this with perhaps .5 mg of arimedex ed. Ontop of this, i now have another person trying to scrounge up some hcg for me which i will most likely obtain this weekend. Either way, im hoping that someone who has experience being in this situation will have some advice about making the best out of this situation.

btw,,, for dosages, im a lean 235.


Google: Research chemicals, nolvadex. And next time don't start your cycle until you have 100% of what you need to finish it.

I doubt arimidex is going to do much to restart your HPTA.


Your point is well taken, however, as much as everyone would love to have the perfect cycle ahead of time, thats not an option for everyone. Up to two days ago i had everything in order, but due to money issues i couldnt have bought everything all at once, aswell as keep paying my bills. Either way, i live in Canada so research chemcials dont work or me either.


If you say you can't get research chemicals (which I doubt as some candians posting here use RCs) you should seek an online pharm and get nolva tablets or clomid if that is easier to procure.

Arimidex is not suitable.


Do you have any testosterone leftã??at all? if so you can follow a "stasis-taper" protocol combined with low dosages of AI. Otherwise, I suppose you just have to do with low dosages of AI for your PCT.
0.5ED is too high, run .25 EOD to .125 EOD during your PCT, if you can get some HCG, you can add it in.

something like this

week 1-4 HCG 500iu 3x per week.
week 1-4 adex 0.125 to 0.25 mg EOD
week 5-6 adex 0.125 EOD

THe HCG will mimic LH, and get your balls back up in to shape, and pump out some testosterone. So you won't feel like shite. Adex will keep any oestrogen issues at bay. Since you do not have any SERM, week 5-6 is likely to be "crap", but you will recover eventually. It's better than cold turkey.


This answer is much better than, you are stupid, get some Nolvadex, Arimidex won't do anything, you are dumb,etc. Try to get nolva as quick as possible. It's not hard. If you just cannot, do the above(taper if possible, adex and hcg if not) or similar and I would add high dose tribulus, around 4grams/day. Some will say it does nothing, but I believe it does work.


very true you should get your gear together completely but it doesn't matter now, and yes arimidex will not help with hpta.... Maybe you could try a test boosting product from gnc if there is nothing else available


What will a 'test boosting product' do to stimulate an already shutdown HPTA and get LH function back to normal?