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Making Deals with the Butcher


I was thinking of how I could save a bit of money on my food costs, and I thought I should befriend the local butcher. What if I asked if we could write a contract that meant I would buy a certain amount of meat from him every week/month for a reduced price?

Do you think this would work around your area? What is a fair discount to ask for, if, lets say, I sign a contract for a 1 year? 5%? 10%?

Chicken Thigh, Ground Beef, and Scotch Fillet, pretty much all I buy... so I would be happy to regulate my income of food, like I regulate my training, my work, my study etc.


wouldn't hurt to ask. if you already go to one place for all of your meat purchases, the butcher would have no incentive to lower the price for you. if you are looking to move your business from let's say the grocery store to a local butcher, then i could see him being all ears to the prospect of a consistent customer even if it's at a slightly reduced price.


Another thing to consider is buying in bulk and freezing. Buying in bulk, even from wholesale chains, is very affordable. If you have a basement/garage, look into purchasing a separate freezer. I think there are places online where you can buy meat in bulk, too. I don't have links, but I'm sure a little Googling would do the trick.

Do you know anyone who hunts? My uncle hunts deer with a bow and arrow every season, and more often than not finds himself with more venison than he can store and is eager to give it away rather than see it wasted.


You aren't used to working with people, huh? If you have never bought from them and made your face known, don't expect that to work very well. You aren't a company...but I have found plenty of people throughout my life who seem to want to help someone they perceive to be a hardworking athlete (looking the part helps).


yea dude, you gotta spend with them for a while then theyll hook you up....I even get "extras" sometimes...our guy is a family friend..we've been dealing with him since we moved here in 93..dude is like my 2nd dad.


Coming from a family of meat cutters (family meat store), I'll give this "advice": If you want 'to befriend the butcher', pick up an apron and go salt-scrub the butcher block. Grab some bleach and clean the display cases. Pick up a broom and sweep the floors.

THEN ask for a discount.

Welcome to my childhood trying to get a buck from the old men (or, when I was getting punished).

Alternatively, start buying a fuckton of meat consistently. Nothing 'befriends the butcher' more than emptying the meat cases wit' cash-ola.


mate do you have any harris farm stores in your area? when they have specials you should stock up. sometimes they have chicken breast for 7.99 a kg, so i bought 10kg. the other day they had scotch fillet grass fed for 13 a kg. not sure if you have any in your area. i buy a massive batch and freeze it when its on sale.


Thanks for the advice.

Wewwwwwwww thats cheap scotch fillet! I just went and stocked up at $14/kg, though its nothing special like grass fed. Around my area it's normally about $25.


OP, saw that you're from Australia and I guess many butchers in the local shops work for themselves instead of chains like Lennard's (?). I would say with anything you'd need to buy quite a bit ($$) to develop the business owner-customer relationship and it might work, although I don't see a discount more than 5% (which is better than 0%). Buying with other people is another option as is buying direct (fish market whatever).

Good luck man, hope it works out.


I buy a lot of ribeye and beef tenderloin this way. I ask the butcher: "How much is it if I buy the whole loin? (or whole ribeye)" Then just have them cut it up into steaks and put them in your freezer. I regularly get a price break this way.


why not just get a big freezer then talk to local farmers. Most butcher their own meat and are often more than willing to sell a half or quarter when they do....cut out the middle man.


Your not going to get very far "making deals with the butcher" unless your willing to give up
your girlfriend or wife every now and then. Trust me...I KNOW !

Your best bet for discounts would be to shop the large chain supermarkets or even some of
the local independents. Their main items that are advertised are usually what we call in
the business "loss leaders" meaning that they are sold at cost ( 0 % markup ) or less. This
is done to draw customers into their stores as the supermarket business is highly competetive.

Your not going to find any better cost anywhere than this way. PERIOD !

Once your in the stores develop a relationship with a butcher/butchers. Find out what his
interests are and make a connection. " Throw him a bone " everynow and then.
Your probably not going to get a deal but he'll always take care of you with special
requests and ensure that you will get QUALITY product and not just something that has
been sitting out in the case for awhile. Trust me... I KNOW !!


pretty sure the scotch fillet i got from harris was grass fed...


One nice thing about living near plain/amish people is they have a different value of the dollar. AKA CHEAP PRICES.

My gma recently married an old man with a farm, he occasionally will chop up a cow. 6$/lb for filet mignon. 5$/lb for ribeye, ny strips, top round, basically any other meat.

So... to help the OP, try looking for some mennonite ppl with steers?


I was talking to a friend today, who's family is in the abattoir industry, and he said I should pitch in with a few friends and buy a cow off a farmer. They will choose a local abattoir of choice, and then a few days later a bag full of cow will turn up at your door. "You better have a couple of freezers though..."


My fam bought a half a cow from a local farmer about a year ago. It was awesome having that much steak but man it tasted really funky for some reason.