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Making chains

Has anyone made a chain setup themselves?

Where is the best place to get the chains?
What other things do I need besides the chains (e.g. hooks, etc.)?

Any diagrams or explanations would be greately appreciated.

Thanks, Rene’

They’ll have eveything you need over at elitefts.

I know but I can’t afford the price plus shipping costs.

Or do you mean they have the specs?

I will check it out.


bump i would also like to know this as i cant afford the chains of elitefts

I would just save up for them over a month or so. But hey if you find out how to make them then post it and let us all know please!

From, http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_127resist.html By Dave Tate

“To set up the chains you’ll need a five foot 1/4 inch chain to act as the support chain. This chain is suspended from the bar sleeves. A metal ring will be suspended in the 1/4 inch support chain. Then the training chains (five feet long, either 5/8” or 1/2" thickness) will pass through the metal rings so one half of the chain falls on each side of the ring. You’ll set the support chain so three links on each side of the training chain are on the floor at the top of the lift. When you sit down on the box most of the training chain will be on the floor. You have to keep a certain amount of the chain on the bar to avoid the chains swaying back and forth throughout the movement."

I just went to Lowe’s Home Improvement (or Home Depot) and bought 10 feet of 3/8" chain (2 - 5 foot sections) and to support it I bought this much smaller chain ( 2- 3 foot lengths). I just connected them with carribeaners. Not so hard and it totalled $60. The total weight is a little over 60 lbs. Elite fitness systems has nice chain but they are very expensive.


I think the hardest part is finding and working (e.g. cutting to size) with 1/2 or 5/8 chains.

Thanks for the link to the explanation Ace. I am sure I read that when I first found T-mag but forgot there was such a nice explanation.

Thanks, Rene’

I’ve heard you can find the bigger chain, 5/8 and 1/2 at boating supply/marine stores…

Have you ever heard of Google search or yellow Pages? I’m sure you’ve passed some places that sell those size and not know it. They aren’t really in high demands by the masses. Check out the speciality stores like hauling big stuff, things like that.