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Making Boards for Board Presses


I'm nailing together a couple boards in the basement tomorrow to do 2 board-presses next week (never done any board pressing), should I use 2x4s or wider 2x6s? I ask because I'm at my parents' place for the week, and don't have wood, saw, or hammer at mine.


I made my boards out of 2x4".. I've been pleased with them :slight_smile:

Good luck.
Yours, Leash.


Instead of nailing them try velcro -- then it is more versital. You can have a one board, two board or later add on for three or more.



And I would use 2x6's.


2 x 6 for sure...sits better on your chest.


Do most gyms allow people to bring 4x6's into the facility?

Cheaper Alternative to RepBoards for Board Press?

Here's my set. Five 2x6's cut into 12 inch pieces. One board has eye bolts inserted on the side where I can insert a bungee cord and wrap around my body to keep in place. The board with the bolts is the top board and I can use this to go up to a 5 board press. It works well and the only thing I might change is the length of the boards. Twelve inches works for me, but taller lifters might prefer a longer board to place the bolts lower. This way the cord is wrapping well below chest level.

I've never had a problem bringing them anywhere, and I've been to a few different gyms. You might have people asking you questions, though.



What do you use to hold the boards together when you want more than a 1 board? Velcro, duct tape, something else?

Thanks for the picture and info. That looks like a really smart setup.



When I do a 3 board or less the bungee wrapped around my body keeps the boards in place. Just make sure the bungee is pulled tight. It works with 4 boards too, but at this height it starts to get a little wobbly. I never do 5 boards, I'm only 5'6". Velcro or duct tape would work fine, but I would probably stick with velcro so it can easily be taken apart.


That makes sense. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the info.

take care


Velcro's a great idea, I just screwed mine together and wrapped some duct tape on it.

I get some funny looks when I walk in the gym with my club looking 3 board press.

No one's stopped me though.

I like 2X6's btw.


Nice setup.


Thanks for all the replies, I'm lifting raw, no intention of ever using gear, so I think it'll just be 1 and 2 board presses for now. Will use 2x6s.