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Making Bars On Your Own?


Hi fellas,

Does anyone in here know how to make ie protein bars on your own? What the actual fabrication process is? Or does anyone know if there are recipes how to make your own bars?



Hey there Matrick,
One of the members posted a bunch of different recipes for "energy bars" on this page of my thread
Recipes With Photos:

I don't know if you have tried the Metabolic Drive Bars sold in the Biotest store here on T-Nation but, they are awesome! That's why I don't usually bother with all the hassle and cost of making my own.

My favorite flavors are:
Cookie Dough
Chocolate Chunk...


My fav is the chocolate chunk. At 16 bucks for a box of 12 it's insane. Any corner store around me is usually 4-5 bucks a bar and it's always filled with crap.


well, thank you very much for this! looks like a real great thread. i should check out the muscle sorority board more often.


where did you get that video from (in your avatar)?


I, too, love the Chocolate Chunk flavor. I can eat them all day (but I only bring one to work with me so I won't do that, heh).