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Making Arnold's Protein Shake Dairy-Free



I was flipping through my good ol' Encyclopedia of Modern Body Building, and came across arnold's protein shake recipe which includes:

lecithin granules
protein powder
(i didnt include amounts as i'm not sure how that works b/c its copywrited)

How would you make an equivalent that is dairy free (no milk products, but eggs are allowed. also no soy products). I thought of replacing the cream with peanut butter and olive oil. How about the milk? The protein powder? Any ideas welcome.

To head off any questions, I'm asking b/c I can't eat milk products. Also yes, I realize this might be dumb-- but I'm a fan of Arnold and would like a way to make a nutritionally equivalent protein drink to his.


Yes, this is dumb. What worked for Arnold will most likely not work.

Eat what you can that stays within your diet plan.

Arnold says to eat a ton of carrots, too. Eat a bag a day, see what happens. You could get huge.


a lot of the old timers used eggs, cream and milk, though i remember arnie saying 'milk is for babies' :wink:


anyone have a idea how to do this?

and yes, milk is for babies, beer is for men :slight_smile:


Also, I am wondering how to make Arnold's omelet recipe, which uses eggs, pimentos, green peppers, cheese, and beef, without using any eggs, cheese, or beef. Any ideas? Thanx!!


This was me.


You could substitute in carrots and vegetarian patties. I'm sure that would work. Be careful with the carrots though, you might get too big, too fast.