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Making an Audio File for HIIT Training?

Kinda stupid question. But I wanna make an audio file on my pc to put on my mp3 player so I can listen to it while doing HIIT or Tabata. Something that’s just silence, but will like beep or something at the right intervals.

So for Tabata it could beep once at a 20 second point, then again 10 seconds later. And it just repeats. And for HIIT have something that beeps probably ever 30 seconds.

I know there has to be someone else out there that has done this. Because it’s hell trying to look at a stopwatch/clock or count in your head when you’re about to pass out.

Anyone have something like this or know how to make a simple file like this?

Try Audacity, it’s a music mixing program. It takes a day or two to learn but they are tutorials and stuff online. And if you just want to use it to make a file for tabata, it won’t take longer than a an hour to make the beats.

Although I would personally chose a song that would pump me up with a badass chorus, and then play that during the rest of the 10 seconds so that when the 10 seconds is up, the chorus gets me going.