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Making alphasol, well sort of anyway

Is there any chance PGF could be used transdermally - with DMSO, to induce local
fat loss (I got some fat under my chin and
it won´t go) ??

Anyone on this board have experience with this

Can PGF be injected with a 22 gauge 1,5 inch needle/pin?

I have consulted a plastic surgeon who claims
liposuction of such a small amount of fat is impossible- any thoughts on this?

You don’t need to use dmso to absorb pgf-2 through the skin. The molecular weight of pgf-2 is low enough to pass through the skin on its own. The only question is would enough pgf-2 get to the fat cells before it is taken up into the bloodstream.
Sure you can use a 22 gauge needle to inject pgf-2 but why would you want to when you can use a 27 gauge needle? 27 gauge needles are used to inject insulin. You know those 1 cc syringes that come prepackaged with the orange cap over the needle.
Finally before you use pgf-2 try to find out as much as you can about this prostaglandin before you use it.

Your plastic surgeon is full of shit. I had my lower eyelids and chin lipo’d. Got rid of the bags and tightened up the neck nicely.

I don’t think I would use pgf 2. I used it twice not only did my biceps hurt for hours and I mean intense, don’t move, muscle cramp pain on top of that I dumped for a lengthy time. No telling what it would do to the muscles in your face.

Thanx for the pointers, where can i find good
info on pgf (I´ve read some of dharkhams stuff)