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Making a Weight Gain Diet

I’m 16 I’ve been lifting for about a year and a half, but I haven’t lifted in about a month now cause i’m training on swimming, but i want to make a weight gain diet i’m looking to gain about 15-20lb for states mid February, heres my diet

wake up at 6:00
eat a bowl of oatmeal
1 glass of whole milk
some coffee and all my pills ie fish oil, flax seed oil, B, multi, C, E

eat some vegetables with peanut butter, and some water

1 yogurt
some pasta
chicken breast

about 2:45
1 cup of sugar filled coffee, and a bagel
work out 3:00-4:00
take my why protein, and stuff

and eat dinner at about 6 ish

what food idea do you have, it must be able too keep at school, so noting like that,

First of all, you have a search function. Just type in weight gain or a similar phrase and it will show several threads and articles discussing how to do this. If you want to gain 20 lbs in 5 months, you’re going to have to eat. Look up massive eating and try that out because it seems as though you’re only eating about 2500-2750 (I think…only guestimating). Then look up a solid program built for mass. I remember Ian King writing a great mass program. But there are so many on here, you can choose.

5’7" 121lbs?

Step 1: Go to fridge.
Step 2: Eat everything in it.
Step 3: Go to pantry.
Step 4: Eat everything in it.
Step 5: Repeat.