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Making a Sled


i have a few ideas on how to do it. im thinking of getting a big tire, a platform of wood, puting that inside of the tire and nailing it inside of hte tire. then getting a pole and attaching it to the wood inside the tire, putting weight onto it. then i would drill 2 holes for a chain, loop the chain through both holes and drag it that way.

anyone have any tips? i need some help


I have heard of guys using the bucket/barrow part of a wheelbarrow.


The tire idea works good on grass, gravel or ashphalt parking lots. I either put some sandbags in it or just some rocks. Cheap is good.



ya it is, cheap is very good. id rather make one and spend at the most 50 dollars then having to pay 400 at the least to get a decent one. plus making one gives u a "im a man and i can build anything, ha!" kinda attitude, and u get a sense of accomplishment. at least thats how i felt when i built my own board presses(2-5 boards)


I went to a welding shop with plans I drew up and they built me one that would survive nuclear holocaust for $100. I'll try to post a pic.


I hate to sound Junk yard but I bet a hood of a car would work well.



then articles and on the bottom you should see DIY equipt.


I bought mine from WSB for 110$. I think it is well worth the money.


Gotta agree with ya on this one Pittbull.
Personally, I use a smaller tractor tire with a chain hooked to a powelifting belt. I add dumbells on the inside rim of the tire if I need more weight.


a tire and plywood sled should cost free... a good sled will probably run you around $100