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Making a Pull-Up Bar?

I am looking in to making myself a pull-up bar in my apartment. I could possibly put it above my door or outside on our small patio. Do you guys know of any plans on how to make them?


take a look and google door gym. take a look at their counter-pressure design and you may be able to make your own with PVC. i was going to do that but realized i didn’t have the time and “handiness”.

A metal pull-up bar is simple enough that if you have to ask, it probably is not something that you have the tools to make. If you want to make one out of PVC just use silicone and galvanized steel bolts to put something together and get metal brackets for attaching it to something sturdy.


A good pull up bar cost me $20 dollars Canadians. I bet you yankees could probably get one for $10… I have no idea why you would even make one.