Making a Pull-up Bar

Does anyone know the best way to to build a home pull-up bar? I will be trying to attach one to a concrete wall. Thanks.

If you are trying to attach it to a concrete wall. Go to a rental yard and rent a “Hilti” Drill or a “RedHead” drill. This will allow you to drill a hole in the concrete and put a “drop-in” insert in the hole. You then hit it will an impact tool (hammer and tool) and it will open up. You can then bolt to the insert.

thanks road, i have all the tools to do the work, but i need the hardware. I do not want to spend a hundred bucks plus at a store, so I am trying to build the whole thing myself.

One cheap way is to make it out of plumbers pipe or steam-pipe. Its kind of ugly but it works. Just connect the threads, you can pick the diameter.