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Making a Program Exciting


I just got ripped by a client because the Personal Training exercises I did were boring...

She said she wants something exciting and engaging.

I need help with some DIFFERENT, CREATIVE & FUN exercises.

cables, stability balls, free weights, anything...

Any suggestions...?


Check with Tony Little.


How about the article series "Exercises You've Never Tried" here on this site?


She needs to find excitement in the workouts now. If she can't motivated get for exercise, then she is doomed to quit. She needs to learn to like all exercise.


Have you tried looking at an EDT type of workout?

Trying to continue to beat your previous goal in a 15 minute PR zone might realy change things up and make them interesting again for her.

I just watched Charles Staley's DVD on EDT and now I can't wait to try it out.

It's definitley different than anything I've tried before.


Another thought might be to stop and show her any achievments she may have made since starting with you (if she's been training long enough).

Actually looking back on what you could, or couldn't do before compared to what you can do now realy motivates me to keep going.

Maybe take some performance evaluations, then after a fair amount of training take some more evaluations to show how much she improved. This could give her something to strive for and possibly look forward to.


Try 'imperfection training' - at random intervals throughout her sets, smack her over the head with a barbell.

It's also anger management for you.


I think you have something there.


What are the exercises you're giving her now?

What are her short & long term goals?


I agree with the what are you havuing her do now. Kind of hard to help out without knowing that.

Also the EDT suggestion. The self competitive nature of it can be VERY good at making it fresh for someone in a rut.


lay down on the ground and have her ride your cock like a good little cow girl...

charge her $100 per half hour...if she's ugly as sin you're going to have to use viagra...make her pay for it...

have fun and good luck!


Well ummmm... do something different?

Maybe some HIT inspired type super failure shit. Make her feel the pain.

Teach her some olympic lifts. There's a good 5 sessions right there.

Or go speed crazy and focus on blasting every lift.

I always enjoy low rep work more than high.


What about including Olympic Lifting and Strong Man Training(!), that'll make things much more interesting.


If she stil bitches about boredom, make here do a renegade style workout!


She is motivated and experienced....

That seems to be the problem...

She doesn't want the same old, same old...


Tie a 45lb. plate and a stick of c-4 to her head and push her into the deep end of the pool. Call it the Revolutionary Survival/Seal Team/ Super Set. When(if) she gets out of the water, shoot at her with an AK-47 until she's out of range. Finish it up with a hand to hand combat sesion. That should get some juices flowing. And it has the initials or some realy fast old cars.

It has all the flavor of a modern fitness chain workout, plus the added benefits of real world application(unlike tae bo and some others). It may cause some rise in cortisol levels due to stress, but they should be minute, and can be reduced with cortislim and some post workout heroine.

Comical idiocy aside, we can't say where to go if we don't know where she's been. Whats the current program?


Try some strongman stuff. Sandbags, log carries, sledgehammer, tires, rope climbs, tug-o-war, sleds. Do a BIG NUMBER workout. Pick a whole body exercise, and do it for a BIG NUMBER -
in the 3 digit range.



C'mon now T-Nation...
I am trying to be serious here.


Sweet Sixteen, Smolov, or Quattro Dynamo!!



Haha just joking. Well, we need some sort of base from which to work and give you ideas. Therefore, if you could provide:

  1. What her goals are...
  2. What you have her doing (i.e. exercises, sets, reps, time in the gym (minutes), time in the gym (days/week), etc.)
  3. What is her level of work capacity...

then we may be able to more help you on a much more specific level.