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Making a New Routine - Thoughts?


Hey guys, I'm looking to move into a routine more aimed at size over strength. I've been looking around and reading over the How To Make a Damn Good Program articles to put something together. Here's what I got so far:

Monday - Chest & Tri's
Bench press 4x12
Dips 3x10
Incline bench press 3x10
Flies 3x16
Cable tricep extensions 4x14

Tuesday - Legs & Lower Back
Back Squat 3x10
Deadlifts 3x12
Leg Press 4x12
Reverse hypers 4x14
Leg extensions 4x10

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Back and Bi's
Barbell Rows 4x12
Barbell curl 4x14
Cable rows 4x16
Seated Curls 3x14
Pull/Chin ups 3x8

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Shoulders (and Abs)
Military press 4x12
Seated DB press 3x10
Front Raises 3x16

Sunday - Rest

I currently have it as a 4-day split, but I was contemplating maybe adding a 5th day on to it (not sure how I'd split it yet if I did). Also with respect to Shoulders, was considering adding in Shrugs and/or Lateral raises as well, but thought that might be overkill.

Overall thoughts?


Could be better, could be worse. Personally I'd move Pull-ups to the start of back day. Add another exercise or two to shoulders. Looks like very high rep might be better to try a little more weight and a little less weight. I mean why are some X 16? That just doesn't seem necessary.

But overall I say give it a go, see where it takes you, tweak. If after 6-8 weeks you're making gains, keep going. When it stalls out, switch things up a little.


i dont really like it all that much and ill give you a reason by day:

your chest and tri day barely has any direct triceps work. id recommend maybe switching dips to the end of the routine and using it more as a tri builder with chest carry over. try and keep your body more upright and focus on using the tris to do the work. do incline, flat and flyes or whatever. finish with dips and PJRs or something of the sorts to hammer the tris


back squat followed by deadlift might be a little much especially if you bust ass while squatting. are you planning to do deads from the floor or Romanian? i could get on board with romanians done close to the end of the routine so you get at least a bit of low back recovery.

back -

i cant see the logic of splitting your back exercises with bi exercises. is there a reason? maybe im just not seeing it. i dont doubt your methods, im just curious.

shoulders -
that is a sad looking shoulder day considering i can see there was much more thought put into some of the other days in the schedule. the two pressing exercises primarily hit the front delt plus the carry over from chest day and you still feel the need to put front raises in at the neglect of medial and rear delt work? for the sake of shoulder health, id say at least even out the work a bit more. do those exercises if you want but maybe superset medial with rear or front with medial or some combination that allows for full shoulder development. if you wanna see what a good set of rear delts can do for a physique check out deats (i think thats his names) thread on what body parts he should improve. rear delts, is not one of them.


Pretty much everything actionboy said. Personally at 14+ reps I would rather do 2 tough as hell sets than 4 pink dumb bell sets, but that's just personal preference. I know that I couldn't tolerate the volume of 4 intense, high rep sets.


Also, there's no real reason not to (and probably a lot of benefit to) mix in a couple low rep days. They don't have to be all out sets but 5x5 @ 60-80% can be cool to mix things up in between high rep days.


Can't get quotes to work, anyways..

For Chest, I'll definitely add in the PJR's, also considering adding in close grip bench as well. Somewhat worried there might be too much interference between the two muscle groups though, would I be better off just swapping Bi's and Tri's perhaps? (no, there really was no reason in particular to split the bi's and back together)

For Legs, I was kinda worried about this too, I originally had DLs on back day, probably will move them back to that day.

With the back, see Chest & Tri's above. Also was probably going to add shrugs since it seems most of the exercises are hitting the lower traps.

And for shoulders, I'll add in Lateral Raises and Face pulls and cut the front raises. Any other Delt exercises you'd recommend on top of this? Rear delts seem tricky to hit.

After looking at it, I really wouldn't mind just adding another day to further split it. Bi's and Tri's would seem like a good combo to move to a separate day, but I feel kinda silly having a day strictly devoted to arms. Perhaps its that negative vibe I've gotten from watching kids spend 2 hours curling, but whatever, I digress... Is there anything wrong with just having an Arm day?


nothing wrong with arm day if u wanna have big arms. dont swap bis and tris. its fine how it is. move dl to back day. put shrugs on shoulder day.

if you have trouble feeling rear delts, when you do face pulls concentrate on pulling your elbows apart not pulling them back.

sorry for poor typing. lazy.


Alright, did some tweaking, just seemed easier and more ideal to put in a day for arms. Cut down some of the rep ranges too, I'll probably modify them more once I try it out and see how I feel. With respect to lower rep ranges, I'll definitely throw some of these in there every now and then, especially on some of the bigger like Bench and Deadlift. Anyways, here's the new version:

Monday - Chest
Bench press 4x12
Flies 4x12
Incline bench press 3x10

Tuesday - Legs
Back Squat 3x5
Leg Press 4x12
Reverse hypers 4x12
Leg extensions 4x10

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Shoulders
Military press 4x12
Seated DB press 3x10
Face Pulls 4x12
Lateral Raises 4x12

Friday - Arms
Close Grip Bench 3x10
Barbell curl 4x12
PJR's 3x10
Seated DB Curls 3x12
Cable tricep extensions 3x12
Chin ups 3x10

Saturday - Back
Deadlifts 3x12
Barbell Rows 4x12
Shrugs 4x12
Cable rows 3x10

Sunday - Rest

How's it lookin'?


flyes last. leg extensions out, leg curls in. squats 4 or 5 sets if you are using the lower rep range. personally, i dont like to train in the 12 rep range. id stick to 6-10.

go train.


Alright, thanks! Greatly appreciate the help!