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Making a New Plan - Input Please

I’m starting a new training plan in a few weeks. Please bear with me because this post is a bit lengthy, but some input would be helpful. Perhaps I should have put this in the “old guys” section since I’m 37 and am just getting on track to recover from low test levels.

All of my training to this point has been natural. The very best gains I ever made in size or strength came while doing Max OT style training - basically just 3 sets of each exercise 4-6 reps. When I could get all 6 reps on all sets cleanly I’d increase the weight.

This is kind of what I had planned to do when I finish my scheduled time on the PL routine I’m doing now.

I’ll lift every other day - one day on/one off Like this:

Legs: Squat, GHT, GM, Calf Raise (free standing with BB across shoulders).

Chest/Tris: Flat Bench, DB bench (probably decline), Incline Bench, Skull Crusher, Tricep Pushdown.

Back/Bis: Deadlift, Bent over row, pullups, BB curl, DB curl.

Shoulders/Abs: MP, Shrug, rear delt row or face pulls, DB shoulder press, cable crunch, decline crunch.

I was planning to do it with 3 sets 4-6 reps, except for the arm work which would be 2 sets 4-6 reps. Ab work would be 2 sets of 8-10 reps. I would also about every 3 weeks or so do a 1 RM attempt on DL, Squat, and Bench after the workout.

I’m recovering now from a back injury from a squatting mishap. So today I decided to just go really light. I started with just the bar and increased 20 pounds each set doing sets of 10. When I could no longer do 10, I dropped down to 6 then 4. By the end of it, my legs felt worked in a way they’ve never been worked before. I know soreness and pain aren’t the best indicators of a good workout, but today really felt great (even though it hurts now). I got to within 20lbs of the weight that hurt me a couple of weeks ago before I decided I couldn’t go any further on the squats. I did the whole workout this way.

Got me to thinking - Is 10 rep sets, increasing the weight every set, then when I can’t do 10 do 6, 4, 2 reps a good way to plan a routine? Considering I’ll only be doing it for 10 - 12 weeks and will probably have enhanced recovery over my normal self.

So both ideas are either so perfect they need no input or both suck so bad they aren’t worth input?

Serously guys or gals, if anyone has a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day to you all - even if you think my ideas suck.

layout looks good, eat massive amounts of healthy foods and train with intensity. Be SWOLL