Making a Log Press Log

Anyone ever cut down a tree and carve out hand holes/handles to do log presses like in the pic (if it shows up)?

I’m not looking to spend money on one of the professional models. So I’m looking to make my own.

Anyone have any tips? I tried the search and didn’t come up with anything.

perfect … thanks

Hey blongo Been there and done that. They are killer if you get them done right. Try and go to the local utility company they should be able to get you BIG section of telephone poll to make these.

Im having trouble with my comp and a dang anti virus or spyware prob of some sort so of limited in PM ability so Ill answer some of your stuff here. So if Blongo doesnt see this could someone make him aware, Thanks

Thats awesome that you are willing to do an event and for charity good work. They are a TON of work but well worth it and fun. Id tel you where I would start is by going to the NAS INC. website and get in touch with your state Chair or one nearby. in your case being D.C. I lived there not to long ago and there is a TON of strongman and highland games that way. But get a hold of them and likely they will be able to loan you any equipment needed for the event. thats going to be your easiest way to get equipment.

I would keep it simple Pick events that are EASY on you to run, Tire is easy, Log is easy make it a set weight and for reps and time. that way you dont have to change it just count the reps and time. a medley. like a drag and a carry. Maybe a sand bag and a sled.

Something HEAVY people like seeing BIG heavy things being picked up. Maybe a Deadlift of some sort like an axle dead lift with BIG tires on the bar. It makes the thing LOOOK BIG!!! even when its not to darn heavy then you just pack plates on it. Or a loading event. Kegs or bags are good if you dont have access to those horrible stones.

Id suggest maybe sanctioning the event if the state chair is wiling it only cost like $100 dollars and then you will get the BAS athletes to come and you can still have a teen division, novice what ever.

they also provide the entry form which has the write off for the athletes that covers your rear they sing their lives away so you arent liable. If you dont sanction it get one of these.

the other thing sponsors. have a raffle go simple for the event your talking and hit every Mccy D’s and burger king and subway and store and try and get gift certificates like oil changes and such. these are VERY popular items and raise a ton of money. people are very willing to give away $1 and $5 if they might win something and its for charity.

Man what else just get tons of help, and have fun bro get the word out hit up the new paper and TV they are dieing for this type of event. Shout out to fellow T-Nation members as well to help. There are quite a few out that way. what better excuse to get together then to lift heavy things and for a great cause

Use your imagination. bro best of luck and let me know how things come along or if you have any questions further I can help with.

I Hope its a huge success and you raise a ton of money for the scholorship fund.