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Making a Log -- Ideas?

After a year of strongman training in New York with access to every piece of equipment imaginable, I’m currently in Washington state for the time being and am in the process of diy-ing a yoke, stones, circus dumbbell, and a log.

The yoke and stones have proven easy, but with the wet weather, my plan to use a wooden log has been less-so. I’m now thinking metal, and have access to a welder who can do the job for cheap, but the price of 12" diameter pipe exceeds what I’d spend just buying a log from Elite or Rogue. Anyone have any ideas on what sort of metal I could buy? Many thanks in advance!

My uncle made mine, but he is professional welder so he got discount on material, all said and done getting materials, paying him around 200 bucks.
A lot steel companies dont want to waste time selling small amounts of steel.
I d buy one if i could do it over , for example i wanted ten inch diameter log but only sell in like 15 or 20 ft increments.

Of you don’t mind: What kind of yoke did you make and how difficult was it?

This is just a thought, I don’t know if it would work. Would it be possible to use a recycled hot water heater tank? You would definitely have to do some reinforcing, but those things are free. All the shops around here have enough scrap metal out back to do the reinforcing. Of course, you would have to find a redneck welder to put this thing together, I know they splatter pretty bad when you cut them. Just a thought.

I have one like this but with a pipe/floor flange on each end so that it can be loaded with additional weight. I’ve never lifted a steel log so I don’t really have much to compare it to, but it seems to get the job done!


How much does this thing weigh?

You could buy a small 60lb-er. Or use a football bar. If you insist on DYI, Id build the frame in the style of the football bar with galvenized steel pipe and sufficient wall thickness, then surround the frame with something circular that only serves to give it shape.

Mine weighs 85lbs unloaded and I’ve gone up to 230lbs on it.

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That thing is beautiful. Thought about doing that myself but decided to man up and use a log section from a tree my brother fell on his property. This is its current state. Five feet long and 11 inches in diameter. Carved the hand-holes with a chain saw and gutted it with a chisel. Don’t know what it weighs yet but it’s still wet and feels a good 200+lbs right now. Putting handles and pipe on the end in tonight. Update you bastards later.


Whelp, found a new project for the winter.

Awesomely awesome!!!

Here she is. Still gonna rope the ends and sand inside the hand-holes, but you guys get the idea. Threaded 12-inch 1.5-diameter pipe on the outside, threaded 6-inch 1.5-diameter handles, all tied together with flange. Ta da. Dried out a lot so far and with the bark gone, I’m guessing it’s about 110-130 right now. More photos coming.


That turned out awesome man! Great work! Let us know how it feels when you get some lifts under your belt with it.

Oh man! @littlesleeper thanks for the kind words. Mad respect for you and your lifting over the years!

Put the log to the test this week. It weighed in at 92 pounds on Tuesday; figure it might dry out a bit more over time to something like 75-85lbs. Anyway, loaded it up to 220 and after a few reps, dropped it on the platform from chest height. Solid as hell.

What we did right was finding the balance point of the log and measuring the handles out from there. If we’d gone right from the center, it’d been weighted unevenly, but it balances perfectly on the chest.

What we did wrong was barking the center. Yeah, it rolls better obviously, and the bark may have come off over time anyway, but instead of 11 inches in diameter, it’s about 9.5-10 after barking. Definitely sits lower on the chest than a 12-inch would, making it way harder to press, but I figure come contest time, log press’ll be that much easier.

I’m working out at a gym in Washington state this month while I visit family, and it definitely’s caused some looks hahaha. I didn’t see this, but apparently some guy was doing hang-cleans with it…with chains on the end. No weight, just chains. Wish I’d seen that.

Made a yoke too today, we’ll see how that goes. Next, a stone, and then some kegs, and I’ll be happy.

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Hi what is the measurements for the spacing on the handles?