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Making A Great Deal Even Greater

Kudos to all those involved in lowering the prices on Grow! and Surge. I have an idea that may help keep the customers coming back. I think for the products that are purchased Biotest should have a points program for every dollar that is spent on supplements from the Biotest store you reward the customer with points and at the end of the year customers will be sent a coupon with a dollar amount for the points they earned during the year buying from Biotest. The more money that is spent the more points are earned to get free supplements or whatever from the Biotest store. I think it is a great way of rewarding loyal customers and I’m pretty sure it will have people ordering more from Biotest! What do you think?

Hell of an idea…wish I was in charge.

I don’t think they should do anything of the sort. They have damn good products! That should keep us coming back. The reward for being a loyal customer? That is pounds of muscle (or for HOT-ROX fans, pounds of fat loss)! I would feel guilty asking for anything more now that they have sliced the price of GROW! and Surge.

Bloody Hell mate, want the shirt off their back’s too? :wink:

It is purely business edicate to take care of your loyal customers. The price reduction in Grow and Surge are great, however, customers always want some thing extra. This is a great idea. Plus, look at the hotel and airline industries…this is something they thrive on.

Buying 3 surges today or tommorrow or the day after.

Yeah, I’d be all for ‘Biotest Points’ or whatever you call them, but from the sounds of the article they are getting their profit margins down to the minimum for our maximum benefit.

Of course if they feel they could reward repeat custom with a points system then I’d be all for it.


Sorry man, it’s not business etiquette. I would call it more of a business practice. Plus, it is for regular people. It is for stupid people who can not make up their minds as to what airline to fly on, or what brand of multi-vitamin to buy. I can go down many different paths with this line of discussion. I can follow the line that we are not regular people or that biotest is not a regular company. I could attack normal, stupid people or I could give you examples of supplement companies that need to have a points system to make return companies.
I have never thought “I have to buy biotest, because it is so darn cheep”. Why buy a cheep supplement? You are better off saving your money. Cheep supps often have a points system, to reward their foolish patrons. “Buy our cheep crap and we’ll give you more of it”.
Stupid people ate this up, it is how that practice survived, obviously. “Hey look, maw, brand X protein will give me a free tub if I buy 5, so what if it taste like manure and has 0.0002 grams of usuable protein per 30 gram scoop”. Are you gullible and stupid?
On that note, since I really hope none of us on this site are either gullible or stupid, I will say we are better than the normal person. We know that brand X is only after our money and they will do everything to get it. Usually when I see some kind of special or deal, I suspect there is something wrong with the product itself.
I have kind of seen Biotest as above that kind of tactic. They had the buy 2 get 1 deal as a reward for us. I think GROW! for twenty-three dollars is a damn good reward too. You know what is an even better reward and the point of my previous post? They sell quality products.
I really do not want to rip off the company that is helping me out so much. Do you want to rip them off?

FNord11: Lighten up dude! I suppose that if Biotest decided to do something like this that you wouldn’t use your points if that’s the case then you should give them to someone who would use them. I don’t see how this is “ripping” Biotest off I think it is a good way for them to generate business and have people order directly from their store.

Dang Fnord, you sure have a strong opinion about the suggestion. And that’s all it was, a suggestion.

Think about it for a second? Do you participate in REI’s club, or perhaps you are a member of Costco’s (or Sam’s) club, or maybe you’re a frequent flyer on American Airlines or maybe United? Maybe you have one of those damn sub cards or coffee cards in your wallet and everytime you frequent that establishment, you’re sure to get a punch.

Anyway, it was merely a suggestion. I thought it was a pretty good one. After all, brand loyalty is at an all-time low in the business world. Most of us will simply go to the cheapest product on the market that has the quality we’re looking for (real or perceived).

I think Biotest has realized this, and are perhaps shifting their own business model, from reading the A-Dog. I think their recent move is brilliant!

It wasn’t until recently that I relegated myself to buy that crap at Costco instead of my favorite tasting Grow!. However, their new pricing and shipping options have re-opened a once closed door.

I’d say anything that encourages brand loyalty is a plus in my book.

“after all… it’s a competitive world.”

Hey the price drop is enough for me. The other supplements need to come down in price also and I’m sure they will very soon.

I bought 5 bottles of Surge (no longer $urge :slight_smile: and two bottles of Low Carb GROW! Its cost me $151 and free overnight shipping. The same deal at netrition is over $195ish for the same order plus $5.95 for shipping. I’m more than happy right npw

I admit I took a strong stance on it, but I strongly believe they have done enough for us for now. The reason I responded in that way was because it is only four days after the price cut. Just seems a little greedy to be asking for more.


The price of Surge used to bug me (I always bought it however) but no more!

I feel stupid for stocking up a few months ago… 5 tubs of Grow and 3 tubs of Surge…

Instead of earning points for purchases, how bout if Biotest/Testosterone gives us a FREE webzine with tons of top notch, first rate information from the best in the business contributors, every Friday, with access to EVERY article they’ve ever posted?

Oh, wait they already do that!

I agree with Fnord11. How could you possibly ask for more? That sounds like something another company would do (like Marlboro), but Biotest is above such bribery.

Biotest not only has the best products, but also now some of the best prices.

I agree, Biotest products are second to none.

I wouldn’t consider it bribery, but a way to encourage brand loyalty. I’ll admit, it is a bit overplayed. I always tease my wife because she carts around about 20 cards from different local businesses. From a Subway card, to a local coffee shop card, right on down to a Blockbuster Rewards card. Oh and the local smoothie/nutrition store card. It’s a little ridiculous.


My point was merely a suggestion. It’s great they lowered the prices. However, I purchased Hot-Rox from another site for far cheaper than it was on the Biotest site (like $10 or so). If they would have matched the price (i dont know if they do or not), then i would have purchased the Hot-Rox from Biotest.

Biotest has finally realized that they can sell more of their product from their own website than others. Therefore, can cost effectively lower the price for their loyal internet T-nation members.

I’m with Lexie.