Making A Comeback

I trained hard and made good gains in strength and size for five years. Going from 5ft 9 inches, 12 1/2 stone with 17% body fat, to 5ft 9 inches, 15 stone 13% body fat.

In the last 3 years i have been travelling working in ski resorts and summer beach resorts etc. and have not been training with weights, eating corrrectly etc etc.

My weight has gone back down to 13 1/2 stone with body fat around 17% again.

I plan on getting back into the gym eating correctly etc.

Does anybody know if it will take less time to get to where i was before i stopped training or will gains come more easily?

Aany one with similar experience that can offer advice would be much apreciated.

What is a stone ?

well muscle memory will help you get muscle back faster, but you still have to lost the bf, because that wont drop easier than the first time. good luck…

A stone is 14 pounds.

Thanks for advice. Was hoping fat might drop more easily! But good news about muscle memory any one know how that works?