Makin' a Comeback...

So, I am a former division I athlete(wrestler), who has basically let himself go. It’s not that I am extremely overweight, or even look THAT bad. From the outside people would even think that I am in shape and probably workout regularly. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as I haven’t really “worked out” for about five years.

I smoke heavily (about a pack of cigarettes a day), drink pretty much every night, and smoke pot every night as well. I now have high blood pressure at only 26 years old, and just don’t have the energy that I need to for my career; not to mention my girlfriend is starting to get worried about my health from the drinking/smoking/etc…

Today marks the first day of not smoking cigarettes, and cutting back on alcohol to two days/week. I will definitely still continue to smoke marijuana, but I will only be using a vaporizer.

My main goal is to get myself healthy again as I had previously always been in excellent shape with a good physique, heart rate, BP, etc…until about the last two year’s is when I’ve started to drop off.

I am planning on following Thib’s 6 weeks to superhero transformation while following a carb cycling codex with Paleolithic foods for my diet. I am aware that the superhero transformation would not be recommended by most since I haven’t worked out in so long, but I’ve never really enjoyed lifting and I need a program that will keep me interested while providing fast results to jump start my progress.

I’ve planned on doing this for sometime now, but never actually “started,” so by posting this on T-Nation I am hoping the accountability will help me stay motivated and not quit…Pics to follow as well as update pics throughout my transformation.