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Makeshift Chin Up Bar


i have a question. i have a weight bench at home where the weight pins can be adjusted high enough for me to squat. i don't have a chin up bar. the weight bench information says the pins can handle up to 310lbs. of weight between the two of them, and i have a 45 lb. olympic bar, and i currently weight about 160.

what i was wondering is, is it safe to put the bar at the highest setting and use the weightless bar on the pins as a makeshift chin up bar? would the pins support that? would my weight in the center of the bar support that? any input would be much appreciated.


Shortanswer. You + bar = less than max recomended load. So yes its all good.



If I understand your description correctly the bar will simply be sitting on top of the pins. If that is the case it will be able to roll back and forth.

While you can use this and I don't think it will be to much of a safety concern I think you would be better off buying a door way chin-up bar. You can pick one up for very little money and it might be better than what you describe.


Something else you could try are door pull-ups.


Why don't you just buy a damn pull-up bar? They're not that expensive.