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Makes You Think


Came across this the other day and it really got me thinking. Thought I'd share.


Yep. Have fun now!

Because after this life, we are just piece of matter decomposing in a cold hole somewhere. Nice!!!


I will be sharing this, many great mantras to be found in there.


Wow! That must be from some Nike shirt.


Inkcreep's avatar makes me think... "that dude's in fantastic shape".

No homo.

Well, maybe homo... but just a little.


And that he has invested wisely in body art, from the pictures I've saw he's had some quality work done.


I like the Nike one with the chick with the booty who is happy with her booty.


THanks guys.


Your threads...

I approve of them.




His avatar makes me think 'wow' and that's all homo


Hallowed's avatar makes me think "WOW" and thats ALL hetero


You two should hook up and like have a daughter with some sort of accelerated aging condition, and then I'll date that daughter until she gets too old looking. I'd imagine she'd have a few peak years where she looked pretty killer.


You DO know she means threads... as in how little you're wearing?


He is a clever one...
He knows much.