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Make Your Own Anabolics


Anabolic Steroids and Making Them

by Professor Frank

You can't buy them (legally) so why not make them yourself? A comprehensive guide to making all the anabolic steroids you'll ever need yourself.

About the Author

The author was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Redford Township. He attended St. Robert Bellarmine Elementary School, Bishop Borgess High School and got his degree in metallurgy from Henry Ford Community College. The author now works now for General Motors on the Final Line @ PAC in Pontiac, MI on the afternoon shift. He wishes all of you the very best in all your endeavours!



This is ridiculous on so many freakin' levels...


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Just drink your own blood, it has Test already in it, right?


I think that getting busted for manufacturing is probably worse than posession.


so, one is supposed to purchase a book that has the patents in them even though they are available for free from the USPTO? and even then it only has the common shit which can be had for a reasonable price anyway. there is no point, anyone who is a good enough chemist can figure out how to make it anyway. any reasonable university science library will have not only these compounds, but hundreds of others. stuff like THG, no prob, was done decades ago, so you just have to find the right papers in the stacks, what do you think PA did?

if you purchase this book, you are a chump. it is far easier to get powder from china than making these compounds.


oh ya, the metallurgy bit, is that like alchemy? just kidding, but elementary school, high school, then college for metallurgy and one is writing a book on steroids. wtf


Come on guys! It's Professor Frank! What? Like you don't trust him? He works on the GM assembly line afternoon shift, OK? He knows what he's talking about.


Just like the meth labs. This book is just a cut and paste from the US Patent Office. Although it includes the method of synthesis, the "raw" materials are Schedule 3 compounds, requiring a special license to order them. This is not easy for most kitchen chemists. And what about quality control? The end product is going into your ass through a large bore needle. You better trust your skills.


You have no idea how hard it is not to say something here.


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You have said a lot by not saying anything at all LOL
and we all appreciate yourself control RJ


So then I'm guessing that this guy REALLY knows his shit then?