Make Your Dream Band

Yeah, you can do it.

If you asked me this question every day, I’d probably come up with a different line up. Maybe that will be an excuse to bump down the road depending on mood.

Been listening to a lot of Dio lately (for obvious reasons). Both Dio and Ozzy, whether by divine intervention, human design, or dumb luck seemed to have harvested legendary guitar players.

I would have loved to hear a Dio/Wylde matchup. It is never to be, though.

My line up would have been a simple iteration of those who previously played with Dio/Ozzy.

Dio: vox
Wylde: Guitar
Robert Trujillo: Bass
Vinny Appice: Drums

Jesus Christ that would have been epic.

Carlos Santana on guitar

Jack Bruce on bass

Dave Lombardo playing drums.

There would be no use for a vocalist on that line up.

Lead singer: me.

Groupies: All of the T-vixens.

The Dave Matthews Band Drummer

The Rancid Bassist

The Who guitar player

And Radiohead’s Thom Yorke

They’ll be a post modern trance-punk-pop ambient/world type music band.

A guy who sounds like the cookie monster

A dude who can play technical savagery

Someone who can double bass faster than hell

A bassist who can keep a rhythm

They’ll be playing Creed cover songs.

Dude, fuck you and your hard threads, lol.

Vox: Chris Cornell
Lead Guitar: Joe Satriani
Rhythm Guitar: Dave Mustaine
Bass: Les Claypool
Drummer: John Bohnam

Vocals: Maynard Keenan
Lead Guitar: Billy Gibbons
Rhythm Guitar: Bo Diddley
Bass: Flea
Drummer: Travis Barker

Fuck yeah.

Might not look right on paper, but damn that’d be dope.

Damn this is hard

Guitar: Jimmy Page
Drums: Ginger Baker
Bass: Flea
Vocals: Layne Staley

Yeah, this is harder than fantasy baseball line ups.

Gotta have Les Claypool on bass. Guy was rejected from MetallicA for being too talented, back when that meant something.

Dimebag Darrell and Kirk Hammet can switch off between rythm and lead guitar.

Drummer…Vinnie Paul, a young Lars Ulrich, or maybe James Sullivan from A7X.

Vocals…wow. Kieth Caputo, Corey Taylor is immensely talented with like a six octave range, Tom Araya…that’s the hardest one. It seems the vocalist would change more than anything dpending on what I’m in the mood to listen to. Drummers can speed up/slow down depending on the song, and guitarists can change their sound quite a bit with foot pedals.

Yeah, I’m going with Les, Dimebag, Lars, and Corey Taylor.

I too think Les is the best bassist ever…

But damn, in a band setting he’d overpower everyone else, no?

[quote]BradTGIF wrote:
I too think Les is the best bassist ever…

But damn, in a band setting he’d overpower everyone else, no?[/quote]

I was sort of thinking the same thing, but Les is my favorite bassist so I had to have him. The whole process of coming up with only one band is hard. It seems like there are many combinations that I would like.

Alright, I’ll play.

Vocals: Nick Cave
Guitar: Jeff Beck
Bass: Larry Graham
Drums: Bill Bruford
Other/Backup Vocals: Tom Waits

Producer: Steve Albini or John Cale

Vocals: Chino Moreno and Tricky doing some backup
Guitar: Tom Morrelo and Page Hamilton
Bass: Dan Maines…Clutch
Drums: Danny Carey…Tool
Cowbell: Me

Vocals :Geoff Tate
Guitars: Vito Brata, Dimebag Darrell
Drums: William Calhoun
Bass: ME!

Les is a sick bassist, but the metallica story is a myth…

[quote]Stength4life wrote:
The Dave Matthews Band Drummer

That’s Carter Beauford, who happens to be a good friend of Victor Wooten; a sick combination.

I’d go for something like…

Drums - Thomas Lang (session artist)
Bass - Alex Webster (Blotted Science, Cannibal Corpse)
Vocals/Guitar - Devin Townsend (Devin Townsend Project, Strapping Young Lad)
Guitar - Ron Jarzombek (Watchtower, Spastic Ink, Blotted Science)

Whatever that sounds like, it’d be interesting.

Vox: Dio or Chris Cornell
Guitar: Jerry Cantrell
Bass: Yo Momma
Drums: Vinny Appice or Matt Cameron

Vox: Corey Taylor
Lead Guitar: Zakk Wylde
Drums: Dave McClain
Rhythm Guitar: Hetfield
Bassist: Ryan Martinie

[quote]Rational Gaze wrote:
That’s Carter Beauford, who happens to be a good friend of Victor Wooten; a sick combination.

Fuck, I’d pay big money to see that that shit live