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Make Her Hotter! (Temperature I Mean)


My girlfriend is persistently cold. Anecdotally it seems like all girls feel colder compared to men in the same environment. Amongst other things, it’s likely that lower muscle mass, in absolute and relative terms, is a contributory factor. Now i’m trying to convince my girlfriend to start lifting with me so was hoping to use this as another factor to convince her as she’s on the fence so far!

So i have two questions for all the great ladies on here who lift regularly…do you notice the cold as much as your non-lifting female friends? Did you notice a change in how much you noticed the cold after you started making some decent progress in the gym?

Thank you all.


It really depends on the person… some people are more sensitive than others to extreme temperatures.
I have a decent amount of muscle mass and I would say that I am running hot most of the time but I’ve always been that way. When I’m dieting and going down to a low body fat I notice that I’m more sensitive to the cold. Maybe you just need to cuddle her more :wink: jk.

Convincing her to go to the gym is a good idea and making sure she’s following a proper diet will possibly help. If her diet is off or if she has some other kind of imbalance in her body it could have an impact on body temperature but it’s hard to say.


I have noticed an extreme difference in temperature tolerance once I started putting on muscle. I used to run super cold, especially in winter. I would be shivering with the heat set at 68, and still be cold at 70. Now I feel almost impermeable to Northeast winters, and yes there is a sharp contrast when comparing with my female coworkers that don’t lift. For me personally, body fat has a lot less effect than muscle mass, but I also haven’t been my leanest in cold seasons.