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Make Gains Sprinting 2X a Month?


Hi, how are you all?

I generally sprint 1X per week: doing four, 400M springs, with a 60 second break in between.

Due to my schedule, I may need to cut back to doing this just one time every two weeks.

I do not do any other cardio aside from the above.

Will I lose this make my sprinting time go down?

Could I still make gains?

Thank you.


You won't make gains sprinting only twice per month. But I think you already knew that huh?


unless you mean size.You can still move more weight if you train,and yeah your sprint time might do down.


So I am unlikely to be able to maintain my sprint time?

Thanks a lot guys!


4 x 400 with 60 second rest will probably be effective for losing some fat, but I doubt it's going to help you if your goal is to be a faster 400m running. Unless of course you've never really sprinted before.