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Mak Out


Nah not really. I just wanted some attention before I disappear to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for a 3 week getaway.


and scratch my tummy


In before Professor X arrives and this thread gets derailed like Marzouk's joke of a thread

I'm not familiar with your posts, but I'll assume you're a great contributor and will be sorely missed



Business or pleasure?




Hardly, all my posts have been in PWI, GAL or SAMA. I only lurk the bodybuilding sections of this site, I'm don't feel comfortable handing out BB advice for other people.



Greeny and I have Australia in our top 3 places to visit ASAP.

Post pics, please!!


Wollongong is the place to go in Australia.

Wentworth street is amazing


Speaking of Prof, y'all think he will write me a script for percocet?


I second the posting of pics!


scratches Mak's tummy

picks fleas and fecal debris out of fingernails


that wasn't my tummy you scratched



Moar kittens pls...


Was it hungry's tummy?


:wink: Thanks!

Lights Cigarette


Nice, you bastard.

Brisbane is great, I have family there - see if you get a chance to visit Stradbroke Island.


My 2 new kittehs, for you.


I just squealed like a little girl


This is complete news to me.....


See ya, Mak.

Hurry back.


FYI DO NOT GO TO SIDNEY. Is basically a more expensive san francisco with shitty food. My friends that just went said it was the worst money they ever spent.