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Majority of Libido and Erections Coming from HCG

I decided to drop my HCG as a try to get dialed in on only T and add back the HCG at a later point (at the suggestion of members of this forum).

I am experimenting around with dailies currently at 16mg/day. Previously, I had been experimenting with 12mg and 14/mg to day to some success but also inconsistent.

After dropping the HCG, I have noticed that a lot of my sexual abilities have disappeared. So, it begins to beg the question.

Is it better to dial in a higher dose of testosterone or go back to a lower dose with HCG where I was having success? My hope in dropping hcg and regaining sexual abilities with just T was that when I’d add back HCG, things would be the most optimal.

I have become confused because it would seem to me that most my symptom resolution is actually a direct result of HCG…

everyone is different. Sorry, but what works for one person may or may not work for you.

How can you tell the extra “benefits” were from HCG and not just the uptick in testosterone that HCG would provide? If it’s the latter then increasing your dose a bit would do the same thing, meaning it’s not really HCG but the additional T that is helping.

You’re going to have to experiment to find what works best for you. I’d try to figure out the best T only dose then add HCG on top of that and see what happens.

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Dropping the HCG has thrown your hormones out of whack, give it some time for your hormones/body to re-adjust and work to get your levels to an acceptable level.

It’s going to take time to figure things out.

So, you just went UP to where most people start. And most people need more than that. Are dailies the only thing that you have done? Dropping the HCG means you will actually shut down natural production, which then requires an adjustment in dose for guys that are dosing too low.

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You dropped your total testosterone level when you discontinued hCG.

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that those that fall in love with hCG are actually in love with the way they feel with higher testosterone levels. Sometimes, when stopping hCG, I’ll have them increase testosterone to compensate.

As hardartery stated, increase your dose or add hCG back to the program.


I agree with this. Don’t you think the increase in estradiol from adding in Hcg might contribute towards the increased libido? I’ve definitely found a correlation between estradiol levels and libido for me.

@dbossa never have I thought you to be a medical doctor, scientist, nor an author of a scientific paper, however you certainly are an anti-estrogen Nazi with extremist view points concerning the matter…


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Higher test with HCG = more aromatisation too?

That study thats just been published saying libido comes from aromataze action-


Do you take HCG?

No, I’ve done two, maybe three, six week “cycles” over the past five years. Just messing around.

It’s funny when people say “what @dbossa says”

I didn’t write the literature. I didn’t do the studies. I’m not a prescribing physician using the science in their own practise.

I didn’t pull this out of my ass. Read the literature. If you don’t know where to look I’ll send you papers. My name isn’t on any of them. I learn from the literature and from medical professionals who are extemely successful by following methods they can demonstrate.