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Major with Hottest Girls?


My boy and I are debating right now over which Uni. program has the hottest female population. I'm going with Psychology (my major) and he is saying Exercise Science (his major)

I see where he is coming from when he puts his view out there. Not much beats sitting in a class room full of female athletes with conditioned bodies. My problem with that major is its diversity, I've been involved with a few functions at my school where every girl there was the thin blonde copy. That is hot sometimes but I would be desensitized to it after a while.

My program is definitely where its at. Once you get past the creatures that gaurd the true treasure. Our building is mainly female so classes are running over with vajayjay. All kinds, unlike exercise Science all racial groups and lifestyles are ABUNDANT! I remember Spring term, I was in a 200 person lecture with around 40 dudes some militant feminists (whole other story) the rest were damn hawtness!

I always had to sit around after class was over cuz Cockula was ready to hunt. I also like to think the personalities are more dynamic in psych

I know it depends on the school, but I've been bouncing from OSU to Toledo for a while and my observations hold true.

Plus my major has more milfs.

which is better, Exer. Sci(Health related programs) or Psych

or something else?



youre both wrong


math dude. Or physics. Gotta love those sexy brains...


Not engineering. :slight_smile:


at my school in upstate NY it was the business building that was crawling with chicks that were doable.


Veterinary Medicine/Sciences, I shit you not!

The highest concentration of the hottest girls I've ever seen in one lecture hall in my life!



Sadly alot of the girls on my Applied sports science degree were rather ugly


Economics. Dude.


can you major in pole dancing?


physics, now that's a one in a hundred ratio. (and my degree, argh)

psychology tends to attract those with the issues.

now is good but there's plenty of jocks playing the same game.

english and modern foreign languages attract some damn fine females at my uni.


art history


always found nursing students, or psychology students fairly hot
never really noticed any overly hot girls in my math/physics classes...I mean there were cute girls that were seemingly more attractive than say your average psych/english major as they were smarter and actually had something interesting to say


Were those girls "tigers"?

Engineering hot girls are about 1 out of every 100...


If you go to a technical/engineering school, the most girls are to be found in biology or business. At a bigger school with a full spectrum of majors, definitely psych, english, or nursing.




It's been quite a few years since I was in college, but my first choice would be exercise science/kinesiology/athletic training, assuming your school offers that. I know what the OP is saying about diversity, however, so here's an alternative major for you (IF YOU DARE): DANCE.

Yeah, I know a male dance major would automatically be presumed ghey, but think about it for a moment. In other cultures (like Russia) there is no such association made. As a male dance major at a U.S. school, you'd automatically enjoy a 10:1 or better ratio of female to male students.

Given the various styles of dance, you'd get plenty of female diversity (hiphop girls don't look like ballerinas, for example) - but all of them would be very fit. Finally, as one of the few or maybe the only straight guy there, you would automatically be in an excellent position.

The girls would figure you must have some serious balls to be a STRAIGHT dancer. (And they would be right, you would need balls like kettlebells to do this.) Once the word got out on your orientation, they would probably be battering down your door. It's an old movie from like the early 1970s, but see Warren Beatty's movie "Shampoo" in which he plays a straight hairdresser in LA to see the kind of female reaction I'm talking about.

Oh, and just for the record, I was never a dance major... This is all purely based on speculation.


uhhh Nursing...........


This is incorrect. Being a straight, male dance major does not improve your chances of getting ass, because all those well-conditioned, female dancers have no problems meeting men outside of class.

I went to a performing arts high school. It's possible things are different in College, but I doubt it.





If your school offers a nutrition program, that might be worth scoping out as well.