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Major Weakness


Last time I lifted I benched 265 5 x 5 and had no problem. The other day I fell down some steps and hurt my chest and got a little sore all over. that was a few day ago. Today I went to the gym and I was still a little sore and I could ony bench 265 2 times and that was a struggle. What do you think the problem was -was it becasue I was still shakin from thhe fall or could I have just gotten that much weaker -every week I've added 5 pounds to my lift -what gives?


One, at some point you'll stop being able to add weight to your lifts.

Two, if you hurt or strained something in the fall, your body will try to protect itself and limit you.

Three, if you find you stop making progress for a while, shift things up.

Don't ask me what's up with the numbers... I have no idea.