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Major Trump Speech on Immigration

Trump will be delivering a major speech on Immigration on Wednesday in Arizona (which, by the way, has been at the epicenter of the debate for the past few years because of it’s location as a border State; it’s immigration problems; and its controversial Governor).

I place this as a separate topic because of the importance of this speech.

To me; its all about reassuring the base whom have interpreted his message over the past week as “softening”. (Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter have written that if he backs down, the election is over, because of the loss of his base of support).

I think he doubles down; clarifies his position; and fires up the base.

I just don’t think that he has any other choice.

What do you guys think?

Are we supposed to assume he’ll do something logical here? Logic seems like a stretch at this point…

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Are you a shill?

If you are a shill for Trump, you are clearly pandering to the White Supremacist movement.

If you aren’t, my apologies.

But, because of this,

I believe you might be a Trumpiot. I’m not a Hillary fan, but most liberals understand the subjective case and can make pronouns agree with antecedents.

And, you cannot.

I’m voting https://www.johnsonweld.com/

Feel the Johnson!

“The Myth”:

I have been with T-Nation almost from the beginning.

I only say that not because I think I am some special Snowflake…but because those that have known me for that period of time know that I am not into Dick-Waving and Bullshit.

Think what you may, and correct all the English that you wish to correct…

You don’t know me nor what I believe…nor do I care.


That is, quite possibly, the best response to any shit that I have ever posted.

Trust me bruh, I will. I’m on a fucking mission.

This means nothing to me.

Makes us equal.

BTW, sorry that Claudius, I mean Scar, killed you. That really sucked.

I chuckled when I read this - Mufasa is one of our best, most longstanding, and most respected posters.

Don’t come into his thread and shit the bed and ruin the discussion.


connecting decrease in immigration as a pandering to white supremacy is dumb

most Americans according to polls want a decrease

It appears one of your students has hacked your account Bruh.


Me too!

In fact, I always just kind of assumed he is non-white or African American, or what ever the kids are calling it these days.


Trump delivers almost two diametrically opposed speeches in the same day…both in tone and in substance.

One to the President of Mexico…and one to a fired-up base in probably the most contentious border State in the Union when it comes to immigration; Arizona.

Trump certainly is a lot of things; but dumb is not one of them.

I don’t think that we will have a more intriguing election in our Lifetime.

Is it just me projecting…or did Trump look like he was almost in physical PAIN when he was reading that public message to the Mexican President?

You got the feeling that he didn’t truly believe a word of what he was reading.

Didn’t see either speech and am just now reading through the transcript of the later. For Trump, it seems pretty good actually. Some of what he said is actually supportable, but some of it is just nonsense. An ideological certification… What planet does this guy live on?

The speech in Mexico could be seen as a positive, only because he seemed calm and didn’t come off like a pompous fucking buffoon.

I only saw Mexico speech and he at least had his points written down, but he is relatively inelegant as a speech maker. I thought he was diplomatic in saying best for both countries points regarding economy, safety, cooperation, blah blah.

I would use the Mexican president’s words against him regarding the wall. In order to assist against money and guns going to Mexico from the the US & migration temptation from south of Mexico’s border.
Of course their Pres wants open borders. Millions of their citizens (mostly illiterate and destitute which I know since thousands of then literally live in my area of Texas) no longer have to be provided for in terms of governmental services while at the same time, their home-bound remittances are Mexico’s first or second largest ‘industry’. OF COURSE he doesn’t want a wall.

Great victory over Hillary to accept the Mexican Presidents invitation. Just showing up and looking Presidential was a win. As Hillary sat back being told by her handlers that she needn’t go out of her way and waste her limited physical energy travelling to Mexico. Big time Hillary blunder! Just as not travelling to the storm wrecked area of our nation was a mistake. Trump was there before Obama. Hillary will continue to miss opportunities that take energy because she has so little of it. I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on the Internet (as some play various roles). But I can tell you from living a life time of fitness that she is a physical wreck. That’s why she wears a tent every day one look at that body and we’d all turn to stone…ha…anyway she blew two opportunities in two weeks allowing Trump an opening which he ran through.

This along with one possibly two more things to come out about Hillary will cost her the election…just in case anyone had thought for a minute that I had changed my position. Hillary will never be elected to the Presidency. Her supporters are not fired up as opposed to Trump’s base which would turn out regardless of weather or other circumstances.

Also, as the race tightens she will continue to disbelieve that someone like Trump could beat her which will prevent her from doing the many things she must (press conference and answering questions etc.).

But I agree with Mufasa most interesting election of my lifetime. And certainly the two worst candidates to every capture their parties nomination for the Presidency.

That’s an awful lot of blue.

You make a very good point. But I have learned through the years that the only poll that counts is the one taken on election day. And I will stick to my original prediction based on the many previous reasons given over the months.

Jimmy Carter had a lead of 45% to 39% for most of October. But failed to capture a second term as he was soundly defeated on election day.