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Major stuff going on- Chris Shugart?

Chris, you said in another thread, i can’t find it now, that you had some major projects going on concerning T-mag. Any hints? My imagnation is running wild over here! The Myostat thing blew me away already. What’s next?

I was talking mainly about projects I’m working on, but there will be some more interesting things going on on the supplement end later this year. Myostat is the really big news though. Truly revolutionary, a whole new category!

I was referring to two projects in the works now. I don’t want to say too much in case one of them falls through, but one of the project involves me spending a week in Thailand. Should easily be the best series of articles I’ve ever written.

The other project involves my ugly mug being on TV. We’re filming this weekend in Mexico. I don’t want to say too much because it may not work out, but if all goes well, T-mag and myself will be representing on HBO in a month or two. Stay tuned.