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Major Strength

Edit: 1st PL meet results on page 11, 2nd meet results on page 13. Page 14 I come back from hiatus and switch training up.

Goal: Enter my first Powerlifting meet in February, in the 275 weight class, and total at least 1550. 350 bench, 600 squat, 600 deadlift.

Age: 27
Height: 5’11"
Weight: ~248 lbs. I’ve been bulking since fall and still trying to add mass.
Best Lifts: 315 bench raw; low b/c of a shoulder injury, so progress has come slowly. 535 box squat with single ply briefs; last free squat was 415, but that was a while ago. 535 sumo stance DL with single ply briefs.

So my gym is hosting a meet at the end of Feb, and I’ve decided I want to enter. There are two days, one for raw/single ply gear and the other for multi ply gear. I’m not sure which to enter yet, as I’ll have to borrow gear from other lifters in my gym.

The program we follow at my gym is the conjugate method, aka “bastardized Westside” method, with 4 training days: dynamic effort upper body on Monday, max effort lower body on Tuesday, max effort upper body on Thursday, dynamic effort lower body on Saturday.

Monday 12/27
BW= 251.6, PR!

DE Upper Body

BB Bench
bar x10, x10
135 x10
155 x5
185 x3 fast as possible x 8 sets

T Bar Rows
100 x10 narrow grip
145 x10 wide grip
170 x10 narrow
190 x10 wide
200 x10 narrow, x10 wide, x10 narrow, x10 wide, x10 narrow

Incline DB press
65’s x10
70’s x10 x 3 sets

Reverse Hypers
2 plates each side x10 x 3 sets

Decline bench ab crunches
BW x 10 x 3 sets

Friday 12/31
BW= 249.4

Dynamic Effort Squat Day
sled drags
seated band hip abduction
body weight box squats

Safety Bar Box Squat:
(bar= 65 lbs; box= 15")
bar x5
155 x5
205 x5
245 x2
295 x2
centurion suit on w/ straps off, belt on
335 x2 x 12 sets
need to work on keeping my low back arched. moved my stance out as wide as possible, this helps stay in good position.

Chain suspended Buffalo Bar Good Morning:
(bar= 50lbs; chains @ 36" from floor)
bar x5
140 x5
230 x5 x 5 sets

Cable pull through:
unloaded x5
50 x5
90 x5
110 x5 x 5 sets

Reverse Hypers:
180 x10 x 3 sets

Standing cable ab crunch:
90 x10 x 3 sets

My little brother has been in the ICU for almost a week now, so I didn’t make it into the gym since Monday, because of going to the hospital to see him, and also feeling so sad and depressed I didn’t want to go train. However going in and training today really helped my mental state, and it’s a good way to get away from feeling blue. When you’re in the gym, nothing else really matters other than you and the weight.

Monday 1/3/11
BW= 252.0 PR!

DE Upper
-Sled drag 3 plates x 12
-Sled press 3 plates x 2
-Sled face pull 3 plates x 3
-Mini band pull aparts 3 sets x 20 reps
-Shoulder Horn 15’s x 3 sets x 10 reps

-Fat bar Bench Press
45 x10
135 x5
155 x5
185 x3 x 8 sets

-T Bar row
145 x10 narrow grip
190 x10 wide grip
200 x10 narrow
210 x10 wide, x10 narrow, x10 wide, x10 narrow, x10 wide

-Incline DB press
65’s x10, 70’s x10, 75’s x10, 80’s x10

-Rickshaw shrugs
225 x10 fat handles
315 x10 fat
365 x4 fat, x6 medium
405 x7 med, x3 small

-Green band tricep pushdown
3 sets x 20 reps

-Hanging leg raises
BW x5, x8, x5

-Reverse Hypers
180 x10 x 3 sets

Missed Tues. training. I was at the hospital late. Lil’ bro is getting better but still not good. Bummed I missed training, I was looking forward to channeling my anger into a deadlift PR.

Thursday 1/6

Rep day. Saving my CNS for a max bench (with a shirt for the first time) on Monday.

-Sled drag 3 plates x12
-Sled press 3 plates x2
-Sled face pull 3 plates x2
-Mini band pull apart 3 x20
-Shoulder Horn 15’s x 3 x10

-DB Flat Bench
70’s x10, 80’s x5 x5 sets

-Fat Bar Bent Rows (palms down)
bar(35 lbs.) x10, 95 x10, 135 x5, 165 x5, 185 x5, x5, x4 regrip x1, 135 x10

-DB Tate press
25’s x10, 30’s x10, 35’s x10, 40’s x10, x10

-DB Lateral raise
10’s x15, 15’s x10 x5 sets

-Reverse Hypers
180 x 3 x10

-Standing Cable Crunch
110 x 3 x10

hey, like they way u train. sry to hear about ur bro, i hope he gets better soon. i know what u mean about training definitely helping mental state. it’s like the gym is the sanctuary and lifting is how we pray.

with the big 3 does the gym have u guys training based on percentages or are u “autoregulating” mostly? and is the gym setting up ur lifts to peak for the meet?

regarding using gear or not, i say stick with the single ply briefs at most imo. ppl break in gear differently and some ppl may have their stuff tailored, so unless ur measurments are exactly the same as the person’s you’d borrow from, it may not be really worth it. also, not that it would likely happen on 1 day, but u may “ungroove” someone’s tightness in specific spots inadvertently in whatever gear they have. but it def is fun to put a suit on every now and then break pr’s with it.

I like this. Did you just make it up?

I’m not sure how to answer this really. I’ve placed all my trust in my coach and I’m pretty much blindly, well almost blindly, following what he says to do. We train Westside style, so I think the speed(dynamic) weights are percentage based, but my partners and coach regulate my training weights based on how my form looks as well. Max effort lifts are as high as possible without missing a lift. Once you miss, or really grind out a single, you’re done and on to accessory lifts.

As far as setup for peaking for the meet, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, but I’m pretty sure there will be a week-long deload before the meet.

I’m inclined to stick with single-ply as well, but apparently the federation that is holding the meet requires single-ply lifters to walk the squat out. I’ve been training with the monolift exclusively for months now, and I’d rather not go back.

Also, I now understand what you mean about wearing someone else’s suit. See following post…

Saturday 1/8
BW=252.6; seems to be going up again after a stall just under 250

-Sled drags: 3 plates x 6 trips
-Mini band seated hip abduction: 3 sets x 10 reps
-IT band, hamstring, hip flexor, groin stretches
-Body weight box squats: several sets of 5-10, focusing on technique

-BB 15" box squat
bar(55lbs) x5
105 x5
145 x5
195 x5
235 x3
Centurion suit on w/ straps off, belt on
285 x2, 325 x2, 375 x2 x 8 sets
Metal suit on; size 48 but tailored
415 x unrack & rerack several times to feel suit out
415 x3 with short ROM, coach just had me go until suit really caught me & affected form
Titan pro suit on size 54 i think
415 x2 short ROM agian

-38" chain suspended Buffalo Bar (50lbs) Good Mornings
bar x10, 140 x5, 190 x5, 230 x5 x3 sets

-Cable pull throughs
50 x5, 90 x5, 110 x5, 140 x5 x2 sets
Cable pulled me down on my head and right shoulder on the last rep, I think I have a minor AC separation or sprain. I hope it heals quick, I want to bench on Monday!

-Reverse Hypers: 270 x10 x3 sets
-Standing cable abs: 140 x10 x3 sets

Putting a squat suit on is freaking horrible! Between the leg hair ripping off, feeling my skin being broken and bruised by the legs of the suit, and hanging from the straps to try to fit into it, I was freaking exhausted. Then, off to squat!
Turns out that my legs are too damn big to fit into these loaner suits. The guys at my gym say I have the legs of a 308 but the upper body of a 220. So these suits are too small for my big ass and thighs, but are also too big for my hips. Coach says he’ll think about what kind of suit to put me in for the meet.

I can’t imagine doing a meet in borrowed gear that I hadn’t trained in for some time to get used to it.

Hope your brother is okay.

Good luck at your first meet. Competing is a real blast.

Monday 1/10
BW= 253.2 PR!

-Sled drag 2 plates x12
-Sled press 2 plates x1
-Sled face pull 2 plates x1; had a little bit of pain in my R shoulder doing this so I cut it short
-Mini band pull apart 3 x20
-DB shoulder horn 15’s x 3 x10

-Straight Bar No Contrast DE Bench
bar x10
95 x10
135 x5
165 x3
185 x3 x5 sets
Max Effort Time! Titan Katana shirt size 52 on
225 x2 on 3 board
275 x2 on 2 board
wrist wraps on
315 x2 on 1 board
belt on
345 x2 full range -PR!
375 x1 full -PR!
405 x1 full -PR!

-Purple band rows x20
Just feeling the shoulder out. No pain, so on to heavier shit!

-T Bar rows
45 x10 no pain
145 x10 wide grip, 190 x10 narrow, 200 x10 wide, 210 x10 narrow, 210 x10 wide

-Purple band tricep pushdown x25
-Big green band tri pushdown x25, x25, x25

-Rev. Hypers 180 x 3 x10
-Decline Bench situps BW x 3 x10

Milestones: big jump in bench PRs (only did 315 raw previously), first time wearing a bench shirt, and first time benching over 400!

you got some bigass legs.

Good luck at your meet.

Video of 405 bench from Monday

Tuesday 1/11
BW= 253.0

-Sled drag
3 plates x12
pretty tough on the wet asphalt tonight
-Sled hip flexor drag
10 x2
-Seated mini band hip abduction
3 x20
-Green band TKE (terminal knee extension)
3 x20
-PVC roller
IT bands, glutes, hip flexors, quads

-Sumo stance rack pull from lowest pin
135 x10
225 x5
315 x5
belt on
405 x3
cent. suit on
435 x3
465 x3
495 x3
525 x3
heaviest triple i’ve ever done

BW x 3x10
-Seated pulley abs
50 x 3x10
-Rev hyper
180 x 3x10

Major, hell yeah i made that shit up. lol, anyways, i like how you had some genuine use from bench shirt, to add that much right away is incredible.

Regarding the squat suit, I know what you mean about how it’s uncomfortable, wait til you have knee wraps on and the person who puts them on does it so tight that you think your patella was dislocated. Then try walking to the bar hahah, that’s the hard part, squatting is easy after that. Yeah you may end up with just the briefs if no suit is gonna fit you right, either way I like how ur gym looks in the vids and the meet will be fun regardless. I like your “blind faith” in your training partners. You add more of a religious aspect to weight training than I could have ever inferred.

Video of 525 rack pull from Tuesday

Thursday 1/13
BW= 254.4 lbs PR!

No sled warmup, I came late to the gym after work
-Mini band pull apart 3x20
-Shoulder horn 15’s x 3x10

-DB Bench neutral grip (palms facing)
65’s x10, x10, x10

-BB Bent row
bar x10, 95 x10, 135 x10, 165 x10, 195 x10, 225 x10, x10, x9, 135 x20

-DB lying tricep extension
15’s x10, 20’s x10, 25’s x10, 30’s x10

-Shoulder stuff with Body Blade
-Rev hyper 180 x 3x10
-Decline bench abs BW x 3x10

Today was light in preparation for suiting up for a big squat on saturday, and to keep my injured shoulder from getting worse

Saturday 1/15
BW= 253.8

-Sled drag 3 plates x 6 trips
-Sled hip flexor drag
10 lbs x 2 trips each leg
-Green band TKE (Terminal Knee Extension) 3x20
-Seated mini band hip abduction 3x15

-BB 15" Box Squat (bar=55 lbs)
bar x5
105 x5
145 x5
195 x5
235 x3
centurion suit on, belt on
285 x2
325 x2
375 x2
415 x2 x 6 sets
Form was shit at first, got better as weight got heavier
Metal Pro Squatter size 52 on, didn’t go up all the way, gave up on this suit, my giant ass prevents the fit again!
Metal squatter size 54 on, more stretchy, fits ok, previously worn by a 300 lber!
415 x2 short ROM
465 x2 short ROM
505 x2 short ROM
555 x1 short ROM, unrack was fucked up
555 x1 came up before the call
555 x1 almost parallel

505 x1 a little high
505 x1 a little high, but closer

-Sumo stance speed deadlift
135 x1
225 x1, x1, x1, x1
315 x1, x1
belt on
315 x1, x1, x1, x1, x1

BW x 3x10

-Rev. Hyper
270 x 3x10

-Decline bench abs
12 lb ball x10, 25 lb DB x10, 30 lb. DB x10

Tuesday 1/18

-Sled drag 3 plates x12 trips
-Sled hip flexor drag 25lbs x2 trips each leg
-Green band T.K.E. 3x20
-Mini band seated hip abduction 3x20

-Conventional DL from 1.5" defecit
555x1 10 lb PR!

-Big cambered bar 38" chain suspended good morning
bar(60)x10, 110x10, 150x10, 180x10, 210x5, 240x5

2 plates x6 half trips

-Rev hyper 180x 3x10
-Standing Abs 90x10, 110 x2x10

555 defecit pull

Thursday 1/20

-Sled drag 3 plates x12
-Sled press 2 plates x2
-Sled face pull 2 plates x2
-Mini band pull apart 3x20
-Mini band tricep pushdown 3x20 each arm
-DB shoulder horn 15’s x 2x10

-Reverse green band bench
375x1 PR!
405 miss; once again I jumped too high chasing a bench PR, probably should’ve attempted 385 or 395

-BB bent row from floor
185x 3x10; had to regrip during each of these 3 sets
205x 5x5
I’ve done these heavier starting from pins, but I tried them from the floor to keep my form better