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Major Strength Programs

Hi all,

I’ve been looking to begin a more powerlifting-oriented routine and just wanted to be better educated on the different major programs out there.

So far I’ve looked at Westside, Sheiko, Nyman (for bench), Smolov squat cycle and Russian methods. Hoping those with more experience in this area could shout out a few more names/routines so i can look into them.


I have been using Westside for a while and I like it a lot.

Here is a good guide for it:

Metal militia (for bench) - www.metalmilitia.net/index_files/Page720.htm

Bill starr’s 5x5 - multiple versions(the powerlifts are main exercises in it) - good site for it is www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1/table_of_contents_thread.htm

Linear periodization routines - many places.

just lift heavy and u get stronger