Major Recommendation

 Just like most young college students, when I opened the list of majors offered by my local college I felt as if I were opening up a menu. Every possible thing under the sun has entered my mind and I think to myself...Can I see myself doing that? I even thought of joining the Air Force, but figured they wouldn't have ample supply of food for my current Massive Eating diet. What really makes me happy though is weight training. It is what I really want to do. I would really like to go into the journalism aspect of it, however it is hard to earn the respect of your readers without some type education on the subject. As confident as I am in my independent studies, unfortunately the general public has to have something to judge by. My question to you guys, (especially Testosterone staff)What major would you recommend? I am more interested in the training aspect than the chemistry. So a chemistry major would be tough on me. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


If anything I would suggest Computer Science.
Even thought having a CS degree is almost pointless in computers its still cool.
Besides Geeks rule this world.
Where else do you get paid insane amounts of money for wearing a t-shirt and jeans everyday to work?

Justin, what about sports medicine, physical therapy, physical education, physiology, kinesiology, or nutrition? You could also either get a minor in journalism or do a double major. Also, having been in the USAF, there aren’t many jobs related to your interests. The food thing isn’t a valid argument.

Hey, Justin. What kind of career do you think you’d want to pursue after graduation? Would you like to go on to grad school? Those are some other questions that would influence major choice. You might consider Exercise Physiology, Movement and Sports Science or something along those lines.

As for the food argument…whatever you choose, as a college student it’s tough to get in your meals, but let me tell ya, bro, there’s no excuse not to. I carry my meals with me, eat in class, between class, and everywhere in between. But if the military if what you really want to do you have set your priorities straight. Good luck, buddy!

Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I don’t think the military is the right place for me. I unfortunately have Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is triggered by stress, which wouldn’t work out very well with a Drill Sargeant screaming in my face. The Exercise Phys. and Kinesiology majors are what appeals to me most, because I would like to work in the exercise market doing some writing. I was curious as to what degrees Chris and TC have. They are my favorite two Testosterone personalities. They are just plain funny as hell. Thanks again guys. - Justin

I’ve had the chance to hang around quite a few self-made multi-millionaires (who by the way have a lot of time to spend doing things they love to do), and they all pretty much say the same thing: Don’t do anything you love to do for money. One of them used this example: Say you love skiing. The job would be pretty great the first few weeks, getting paid to ski. But remember, you have to ski 8 hours a day with only a 1 hour break for lunch. Even if it’s raining and the conditions suck. After a while, you’d lose the love of skiing. So here’s the bottom line – do whatever you do for a living because it WORKS and provides for you and your family (including long-term financial success). Something to try – find the people who have a lifestyle you’d like to have, and find out what they do for a living. Then do that!

My advice to you would be to get into a mix of Biochemistry and exercise physiology. Develop a broad knowledge base within these two areas, get lots of practical experience through training and conferences, and make the right connections. Good luck.

Why work only one job? Why only have one career? Most college students fall into this trap. Why not do something you enjoy and own a gym? Work as a computer programmer and be a personal trainer? In fact there is a good book along these lines, Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen. Pick a major that will give you some latitude and go for it.