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Major Problem With Days Off


I recently realized, thanks to T-Nation, that it is better to take one or two days off a week so your body can rest, rather than training everyday, and i can honestly say it is helping my gains.(it also helps because working 2 jobs and having a social life as a 17yr old is no joke) so i usually take off wednesday and saturday, or saturday and sunday..

BUT on the days i take off i feel horrible about myself, that i have accomplished nothing and i feel like the skinny little shit i used to be and trying not to be anymore..what can i do to remedy this, i know its better to rest but it just doesnt feel right...

Anyone else experience this???


Join the club dude!

Anymore than one day off and i feel soft, weak and ill-disciplined. It's not a feeling i can control, but just work my way through it by thinking about why rest periods are important.


This goes along with the thinking that if a little bit is good then I should do more. Reasoning will eventually prevail if given enough time and experience. If not your gains will stagnate.


Squat/Deadlift/Press until u vomit/passout/bleed during your workout day and on your day off you will feel sore, not guilty.

Up your intensity.


i used to always feel like this too...i used to take two days off in a row, on the first day when the time i ussually when to the gym rolled around i would feel antsy...like i needed to be doing something, and would have to force myself to sit down and relax...

...on the second day, forget it! everything at work would seem to get to me..i did not like this so the best thing to do was split my days off, and do my best to learn how to enjoy down time:)


Lifting is something we're working towards. It gives us fulfillment. We can eat right, we can sleep, but there's only so many things we can do on our days off to help our cause. Unfortunately, lifting can't be the entire focus of our lives, lest we fall out of balance. (In other words, we should have other things in our lives that we enjoy doing.)


Yo man, I know how to remedy this - and we all get it.

What you do is you take that same discipline and focal energy you normally put into your workouts - and put them into your recovery. Make your off days "AWESOME RECOVERY DAYS" not just "off days"

  • In other words, focus on doing some walking or fun cardio (maybe frisbee?)- dynamic stretching - static stretching (all light of course) / meditate, plan your next workouts / eat perfect on that day and imagine it all being put to good use. Contrast showers, hot epsom baths followed by self massage. Ice any injury areas religiously throughout the day - Myo-facial release techniques. Get good sleep, .. and even though I've said it - put some serious thought into your next workouts - record keeping etc. By focusing on "RECOVERY" instead of simply "Doing nothing" you'll feel better about your "recovery days" haha...

Take care friend,

Edit: Here is a link to a great article by CT about some of the things mentioned above.


Also, rock to some good tunes on your off days, if you're into music and all.

\m/ \m/


i party on my days off it puts hair on your chest


I dont seem to have this problem yall have.I'm so tired and sore from my workout that I generally sleep till noon(when im not at school are work at the moment) eat something and stretch for bout 5 mins then play with my dogs and fall asleep around 9pm.


I started building more days off into the week 8 weeks ago when I started Total Body Training (just finished this morning). I intend to keep to this schedule, because the days off really DO help, both with general recovery and just to get ready for the next day's workout.

But I'm a morning workout person, and if I slept in I'd feel like I was wasting the time as well as risk messing up my daily rhythms, so I still go to the gym most days (Saturday I just get up early and putter around the house), but I stretch and do ab work and do NOT touch the weights.

I don't feel like I'm "skipping" a day, but I'm still actively involved in my healthful lifestyle.

On the days you don't lift, use that same time slot for something physically active but not as demanding. Keep yourself physically AND mentally "still in the game" that way.


my biggest problem is sunday.. . I find it hard to eat any quantity of food on this day since its the 2nd full day of rest after fridays workout and my appetite has started to go down again. ..

other than that I have no problems with rest days and generally get to eat more food than on my workout days. ..


he said self massage, haha.


I feel the same way and I can't sit still. I usually end up cleaning the whole house or mowing the lawn and shoveling dirt or something. :wink: So in the end I have to discipline myself to actually maintain my day "off".