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Major Massive RC Rebuild

Just got back from surgery. When I went in the arthrogram showed a supraspinatus tear. They thought there might be a partial infraspinatus tear too. I was warned that given my age (52) and other factors such possible long-term partial tears that there might not be much they could do. Worst case would be open me look around, wring their hands and be done.

Guess what they found? 3 of 4 RC muscles were completely torn – only teres minor was intact. The long head of the biceps (which weakly functions as a shoulder stabilzer too) had its tendon rupture. I’m sure the subscap tear is from a fall in 2007. Some of these might date from then too. Amazingly enough, all the muscles are in excellent shape, The doctor found that puzzling, to say the least. Rather than a projected max of 3 hrs, it took 5. Providing I don’t screw it up, I should make a full recovery! It is going to take time.

Any one else have something this bad? How’d it turn out?

Thanks for the advice I got here which really helped me make what is turning out to be a good and very painful decision.