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Major Life Changes


You know I love my wife but I really dont care to see her drop the kids off at the pool.


Not the exact one, but the cupboards and dimensions are nearly identical to the kitchen in the last place I rented.


New kitchen


I now have 2 full size fridges as well, one is built in - makes life a lot easier.


I literally just found out that I wont be able to afford school after this semester. Big ass change but I will figure something out, just got more hours for next week at work too.

RSGZ thats a fucking motivational story and good job on your part, I hope your company takes off.


the GM reamed my ass out today for something posted on facebook (lesson learned) about someone they fired a week ago.

I definitely see his point, but I didn't take a side in my post. Either way, it was funny to have him cussing in front of me (this has never happened in my life from a boss, even dropped the F bomb), have him threaten to clean house, all the while knowing I'll be putting in my 2 weeks notice any day now LOL


Congrats Jehova & RSGZ.

I got a new house last year after renting for many years previously, then the shop I was in shut down 2 mos. later. Very glad I took the time to calculate a budget that will work on a single income of mine or wifes.

It's nice to see people moving along in life and advancing professionally.


Nothing to contribute, but here's my kitchen.



I'm not kidding I just got back from a google image search of 'big kitchen' and yours looks like a good candidate.
I'd actually consider cooking again if I had a kitchen like yours. Mine is a shithole.


Thanks Nards. From where I stood to take that shot, there was another 6' behind me kitchen table in that spot).

It seems that many guys on here enjoy cooking, or preparing meals. I guess it goes with the iron territory.


One more reason not to use facebook. It makes me wonder why more people don't think of this. Some of these people have nearly all personal info on there as if the entire world can't see it...including your boss, your girlfriend and anyone else.

I haven't even signed up for that yet and probably won't. Any of the people I want to be in contact with, I already am.


good for you! I freelanced for 8 years and basically did the same thing, quit the small company I worked for and a good majority of the clients were calling me within a month of leaving. Small agencies sometimes really under-estimate the value of a good designer and what you leaving is going to cost them in productivity and customers.


Glad to see everyone progressing and moving on to bigger and better things.

I bought a duplex about almost a year and a half ago and am living in the upstairs. Unfortunately, with the little one around now I feel like I'm running out of space. Might be time to upgrade within the next year or so and just rent out my current place.


Facebook has adequate privacy if you set the options right and don't include information that is too personal. No one can see my profile unless I am friends with them.

Also, I don't care what anyone thinks about what I put on there, I don't take the site seriously and don't see why anyone should.