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Major Life Changes


This month:

new home (closing set for no later than 3/11)
start a new job (with the current one for 8.5 yrs, will still work there as a contractor)
will have to drive to work after 4 yrs of being able to walk there LOL

a bit scary to be changing jobs as I was definitely in my comfort zone.

anyone else been with a company a long time then move on?




Nice kitchen!

I hope the drive isn't too long, as yeah, that would suck after being able to walk to work.


should be about 9-10 miles and take 15 mins on a normal day. Not bad at all, but still an adjustment from what I'm used to



Is the new house better than the old one?

I wish I had a kitchen like that.


Well, we rent right now with 2 other roommates. So, more privacy, plus while the current house is easily 3x the size we don't currently get full access to the house.

Not to mention the garage was a big selling point for me.

Current kitchen is a decent size but again have to share with others and it's outdated big time.

We are on a more private setting right now as well, no neighbors at all and a park is right across the street.

that being said, cannot wait to move into our own place.


I handed in my resignation on Monday to a company I've worked at for nearly 5 years.

Onto self employment, and I'm going to take said company with me.


one of the deciding factors was this company never gives raises or even cost of living increases.

8.5 yrs there, only time my pay bumped is when I was promoted to an asst manager. Since then 4.5 yrs no raise. They claim it's because revenue is down (which it is from but they're still makin good money), but they're still spending money on upgrades and making the building look better.

seriously, at what point would I get a raise... another 4-5 yrs?


and I'll call it now. They'll offer me a little more to stay. And at that point, would I want to stay with a company that operates that way.


Man, I'm in a similar situation.

Small company (3 of us here, including the boss) and I do graphics.

I've done exceedingly more every year (website, 3D design and animation, IT) on top of what I was originally employed to do... not to mention a lot of the work we used to outsource I now do in-house because I do it better and faster.

I'd get raises annually but they're pitiful, so when I said something I just got a "I think you're paid fairly" response. Then you hear a sob story of how the company is doing in a review, how we can't really afford payrises, but then the boss will turn around to buy a sports car and 2nd house a couple months later.

So, my friend in the company quit 2 months back and I followed suit this week. Enough of this BS!


Also, I get asked (begged) to stay an extra 2 months over my notice period... because it will help them out. What a joke, as it that has any benefit for me.


Quit and then offer contract services for double the price. After a month of not getting shit done they will call you.


Oh hell yeah, that is the plan. If he asks me to work I'm charging freelance rates of £300 a day. Take it or leave it, lol.

Fact is, to replace me and all I've provided he'll have to find someone that will require a salary substantially higher than mine or 2 people instead. I was on around $50k a year.

But then again, we're leaving and setting up our own company - all I need is their 1 big client to match my annual salary and put him out of business.


I bought a new house almost one year ago. I also quit the job I was working at about 3 months later. Yeah, it was a risk at the time...but no one makes further progress without taking risks.

Oh, and big kitchens are cool as shit. I never had one before where more than two people could fit in it at once.


Great job and all I can say is learn from his mistakes. Business and management still comes down to people, take care of your people and they will take care of you.


Indeed, English kitchens are lik that. I have a breakfast counter and too much space in my new kitchen now too. Actually, I just quit my job 4 months after buying a house.


Thanks. We've learnt a lot from the screwups here, I still shake my head at some decisions but don't bother getting involved.

I've been running another business on the side for over a year and turned over enough to justify leaving already. And honesty with customers while providing a good service is key to success, I think. I'm bi-winning, lol.


You guys are weird. Separate room for the toilet and sink? WHAT!


Haha, not in my house! Although, the previous owner did build a downstairs toilet with no sink.


LOL. I lived like that for way too long. Hell, even my last apartment only had "turn around space" at best in the kitchen. If anyone else wanted to get to the fridge, one person had to leave. I think I can fit most of my friends in my kitchen now.