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Major Influences in Your Life


Everybody has at least one or two major influences in their lives. Whether it be a band, an idol, or a family member. I'm wanting to hear from the T-Nation crew as to who their major influences in life are.

btw. some of mine are ther band Flaw, my architecture teacher, and suprisingly the characters from DBZ (those guys have the best workout ethic ever)

So what are yours?


My Father and Mr. Drummond


The UnderTaker
Max Hardcore
Jenny McCarthy
Lou Bega

Cactus Jack
Marquis Desade
Chris Bennoit
Rick James


Parents, Hunter Thompson


ha nice, I'd have to group my dad into my influences as well


Roger Ebert, Stanley Kubrick, Jules Winnfield, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Tyler Durden, Madeon and Yoda. In no particular order.

Shall probably go into depth on some of those at a later time, but my back hurts and sleep is a necessity.


You know I am trying to think now and seriously other than my father I dont have anyone that I could say influenced my life..the closest one I could come up with is Henry Rollins.


tyler durden? thats a good one, as is yoda.... and Matty henry rollins is such a badass lmao


X2. I could add names, but nothing will hold a candle to the influence of my old man.


You wanna fuck ugly bitches, make soap and jack off in soup?


Well I've technically already done two of them... though I don't know how to make soap...


My feelings exactly


I'll piss in the lobster bisque.....and just youtube how to make soap, I'm sure there is at least a couple videos on it.....


Fonzie and Arnold Schwartzenegger


The Catholic fucking church. Pack your bags boy, you're going on a guilt trip.

I've read somewhere that your siblings have as much influence on you growing up as your parents, if not more.


I can see that being true


Entire immediate family i.e. all my brothers and parents. My brothers had no hesitation in telling me if I was going wrong. Books had a big influence on me as well.


Like Matty, the only person I can think of is my father. And the older I get, the more I tend to act like him. Both as a father, husband, and a person. Alot of that is good but some of it isnt lol, like my smart ass attitude.


Captain Avatar was like a father to me.


ray liotta in goodfellas. he's my dating coach.
and if that doesnt work, christian slater