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Major HRT Advance!


One shot, every 10 weeks!


If you are on testosterone replacement, the above is a must-read!



This article is from 1992. I guess the follow up studies turned out to be a bust. Old news........ didn't work.


how are feeling since you switched to the shots?thinking about making the switch.


OMG, how'd I miss that! Thanks, man! I assumed that stuff in the journals was up to date, which I won't do again.
Now I have to wonder why they have such old studies in there?



I'm curious about Andriol (for HRT purposes). Hell, once you are popping a load of pills, whats one or two more anyway?

If only I had a doctor that believed in HRT I'd be set.


Some journals keep online articles available because they are cited as references in more recent publications. And BTW, I'm not a man ; )


Hence the HRT discussion... to show an interest in being able to tell the difference!


Hey Vroom,

Is this a compliment or a kick in the ass? Just wanted to know if I should whistle through my teeth or spit!!


That IS a deep one, at least for me! :slightly_smiling:

How is HRT in Canada, Vroom? The docs down here are pretty pathetic, VERY reluctant to help us get to at least midrange. Another year like this one and I'll be joining an Order or something! :slightly_smiling:



I just read your profile and find it very impressive. Female athletes are, to me, the height of feminity. And intellect as well! Tell your very lucky husband just how lucky he is!!



Why, thanks H2. You are a gentleman and a scholar. I try to keep up my soft side. For instance, when my jaw was broken from some illegal high sticking, I spat out my tooth as ladylike as possible, with a minimum amount of blood and noise.


Yo Momma,

Have no fear, I wouldn't insult a woman (that I didn't know).



HRT in Canada depends on your doctor.

Mine is an old fashioned cuss that feels anything to combat the effects of old age is a swindle, since we are supposed to get old.