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Major Gym Chain Tells Trainers To Look Good -- Or Else


Dang it, I was going there tomorrow to apply.



Good for them.

Getting all their locations to look as good as the west LA ones is a win-win for all.


I actually think this is a good idea. Surely you can have a good trainer who is in sore shape but more often than not you want to learn from someone who can talk the talk and walk the walk. Someone who is clearly in good shape is someone who's opinion you'll have respect for. Is anyone who doesn't have a clue about fitness really gonna listen to a fat guy whether he knows his shit or not? They typically want abs, they don't know how to get them, so wether fat guy tells them correctly or not they don't know and all they see is a fat guy.


I like how the article references Eric Cressey. I was like, 'I know that fitness professional!'


You don't need a form fitting shirt to see what kind of shape someone is in.


I have no issue with it, it's a dress code. Just like a place that makes you wear a suit, or any other uniform.


Good article.


Ha...form-fitting shirts. No thanks.


On a slight highjack - it doesn't bother me when they utilize all sorts of silly variations to keep the clients engaged. However it drives me crazy seeing those clients being pushed into exercises that seem bio mechanically unsound either for the general population or the trainee.