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Major Deadlift Problem Need Advice


i just went in to deadlift today and pulled a measly 405. the past two weeks ive been doing stiff legged deadlifts off of a deficit and i pulled 400 last time. i thought id rotate in regular deads for a couple of weeks, and i have no idea how im only pulling 5 lbs more in a regular dead then i am with a stiff leg off a deficit. i squat more then i deadlift, around 450lbs. a little over a month and a half ago i Dl'ed 460 fairly easily. i dont know what the hell is going on, im worried i might be overtraining or have serious imbalance somewhere.


Well, I doubt you are "overtraining", but you might be training heavy on the DL too often (overtraining is an actual medical condition caused by SEVERE overtraining).

Try lightening up on your DL work. A deload cycle, or some higher-rep work while avoiding heavy pulls might benefit you


Don't deadlift for a few weeks. By a few I mean about 4 weeks. Just take a break. You CNS needs a tune up. Deads are heavily taxing on the CNS. Just take a break for a few weeks and you should be fine. Continue to train abs, lower back and hamstrings, however.



overtraining is caused by overtraining?

There could be any number of reasons. A technique issue, a weak muscle, or maybe you just had an off day.


you might have just had a bad day, it happens to all of us. these forums breed silly questions like that when something doesn't happen they post immediately and think it's the end of the world.

ask us these questions when something is fucked up a few times in a row, or you have a bad few weeks i mean. don't hurt yourself a few times.

but to feed the question: i've seen tons of people "deadlift" but it looks more like a stiff leg DL. you might need to work on mobility. happy? :wink:


just tossing it out there but you might not get any carryover from the stiff legged deads. I mean, you might be better off swapping those sldl's for reg. dl's. I doubt it is overtraining if you were progressing week to week on sldl's and then suddenly hit the "overtraining wall" so to speak.

This happened to me when i went away from conventional deads. i progressed on my ME work but when i came back to conventional dl i was screwed. now i deadlift every week/week and a half and am progressing nicely.


Since some people are too thick to figure it out, here's some reading materials.


thanks alot for the advice guys. my squat i was deloading every 4th week and changing my rep ranges, ive made very good progress. i was using the conjugate system for my deadlift, but i think exercise selection may very well be the problem. and i agree a good deload is in order before i start to try anything new. im going to try the same thing with my deadlift as im doing with my squat and see how things pan out. if not ill try rethinking the conjugate system and coming up with something new, but to be honest im sick of that style of training and maxing out all the time. ill change things up, thanks again


If you like volume you could always try Sheiko or 5/3/1 with the BBB template. There's a reason there's so many different PL programs.


I would be interested in seeing a video of a heavy DL. If your deficit stiff-leg DL is basically the same as your regular DL something isn't adding up. You either have a significant technique issue or had a terrible day or maybe a little of both.


i was baffled too. it felt like an okay day. i just dont understand how i could drop 60lbs on my deadlift that fast. ive been working on technique, when i pulled the 460 it was after some technique tweaking, ive kept the same form since. im not sure what im doing wrong after all the research ive done technique wise?

i think its a serious imbalance after having pulled so many sldl's for ME work i think i might have developed on those areas way too much and other areas got left behind? trial and error, this liftin thing is a freakin science haha. and fletch i actually have the 531 ebook which was emailed to me by a user on another forum, ive gotten alot of info from my training from it and the westside methods book. ive yet to try the actual 531 tho. ive heard alot about sheiko but have yet to look into it, ill have to do some research


Spend the fucking $20 and get your own damn copy of 5/3/1.


i was asking about the program and he just offered to email it to me so i said sure


Not everyone gets carryover from SLDL's to the conventional deadlift. I wouldn't necessarily overhaul your program if you were progressing before, just choose an assistance exercise that works for you. In the end the best way to get a better deadlift though is to deadlift.