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Major Deadlift Increase


Yesterday I broke into the 500's for the first time (520 to be exact). I only used chalk and my work boots. just curious but if I used a deadlift suit how much would this add to my max? If I can keep making progress like this (I added 110lbs on my deadlift since january) I would like to try some amateur competitions in a year or so. Does anyone know which organization does their comps raw? Thanks.


Well -in my experience-unless you pull sumo style-a deadlift suit is worthless. It will add nothing and might even hinder you-ie prohibit you from getting into the proper positioning. The top deadlift of all time-Any Bolton-did his 935 this year in a singlet. As for raw only competitions there is a big raw power meet in massachusetts the first weekend in november 5&6. Pick up the august edition of powerlifting USA magazine for details. Great job on the pull!


I have to disagree on this one, you won't get much on trad style deadlift, but some 10-15-20-25kgs is reasonable to believe, that is my two cents anyway. (most people in my club gain about 20kgs when they deadlift trad style with stuid)


It varies greatly, and a lot of people get nothing out of a suit. I've heard Priscilla Rubic gets 25% out of her suit, but that's really rare.


Ah ok so it really isn't going to do much for me..I was just wondering what the possiblities were. Thanks for the replys fella's!


another small thing that could help is getting some chuck taylors or other very thin shoes. the workboots are unnecessarily adding 1-3 inches to the distance you have to pull.


It definitely varies from person to person. I get around 40-50 lbs. out of my Inzer Z-Suit. The suit has to be really tight, which can impede proper setup at first. Eventually, you'll get used to it. I basically "dive bomb" down to the bar while holding my breath, grip it, and rip it up.


Definitely try the Chucks or going without shoes if your gym allows it. You'd be surprised how much difference that extra inch makes. Wait, that's what she said!!!!


That is great progress! What kind of program did you use to obtain such a substantial increase in so short of a time?


A suit can help conventional, at least in my experience. I've found a belt is more important than the suit, however both will vary alot from individual to individual. I've seen some great lifters not even wear belts.


I think the metal dl suit is pretty popular. Its made for convential style deadlifting and its designer deadlifts in to the 800s so it has some good thought behind it.