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Major Changes in working out...HELP!

A comment by Chris Shugart in the Think Tank Dialogues (a reply to the post, actually) in the “Muscle Growth: Do Genetic Limits Exist?” thread really hit home. I’d LOVE to post the whole response, but for the sake of length,I’ll give an edited version:

"Example: Guy says he’s peaked. Guy learns about nutrition and it fills in a missing gap for him. He progresses more (gets bigger, gets stronger, gets leaner etc.)…

…There’s almost always another level, another gap to fill in…"

For the first time, I’m going to do a program that was designed by a contributor to this site…fill in a few gaps simultaneously.

Let me say that I have EVERY confidence in the benefits of EVERY program submitted by a Contributor to T-mag, but I have to start somewhere, right?
So, after some research…yeah, use the “Search button,” I’m going to start with ABBH by CW…gotta start somewhere, right?

Here is the BIGGEST issue that I hope the members of T-nation can help a newly reformed member with:

The thing is: The gym (the only gym in town)has NO SQUAT RACK of any kind…nor is there a way to rig one. I spent 2 hours today (no weight on the bar) trying to fashion one out of whatever I can find.

The only thing available is a Smith Machine.

I found an article by TC that explained why a Smith machine sucks called “Disturbing Trends. A list of bonehead practices in the gym.”

The only (safe) way I can squat is with the damn Smith Machine, which I now can see is not very condusive to most training regimens.

I am ready to go and begin my next level of training, but this is a major issue.

Thanks in advance


Okay, my original post was very long, so I edited it to much shorter.

I am now (kinda tacky, really) bumping this up to hopefully get some help, 'cause this is really a problem for me…unless someone can assist me.

2 hours? Dude…just go backyard old school and clean the damn weight up over your head then down to your shoulders. Sounds like a pain but you’ll definitely earn the muscle you build from it.

Don’t start with the smith machine. It worked havoc on my knees. You MIGHT be suited for it but I seriously doubt it.

Clean, jerk, press, place and squat. Back in the ole days…circa 1992…in a gym in Okinawa this is what we had to do. You do what you can with what ya got.

Amen to that, man.

I agree there are many things you can do with a barbell. Check out some old articles like Ian Kings “Limping into November” and Coach Davies renegade training. Both these guys have some wild ways to utilize body weight and plyometrics to make a grown man cry.

You both rock. 'Nuff said.