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Major Beginner

Hey everyone, I came across this site via some pictures of Caveman a few weeks ago, now that I’m starting to lift, I figured I’d come back.

I’m a freshman at college, going to be 19 here at the beginning of February. I’m about 6’3" 230 pounds. I was wondering what kinds of lifts/sets/eating habits I should strive for to both gain muscle mass and look more defined and cut. I really haven’t developed a set routine yet.

What is the best number of sets and reps. I’ve always had preconfigured routines in high school through the football program where the coach would not let us stray. Now I’m on my own and am being told it’s best to do until failure 3-5 sets, others say 12, 10, 8, some say that plus a set of 6 and a set of 4 at the end.

Lastly, what speed should lifts be done at. Extension and flexion, should it be done slowly, quickly, mixed?

Thanks for all your help in advance.

Also are supplements that beneficial?

Welcome to the site bro.

Read this and the links it contains.

All your questions canm easily be answered with a little reading.

Come on back with any direct questions that stem from that base knowledge.

In the mean time eat and lift no need waiting.

Live and learn

this thread is a good place to start:

it should get you going in the right direction and if you have any more Q’s just ask

take care

Those threads will give you great info. Use it.

Also, I might mention that in your case diet may be most important, as how/when/what you eat can simultaneously help you gain muscle and shed fat. See Thib’s article “Carb Cycling Codex” for that one.

But basically the best thing you can start on for the diet, without getting caught up in all the theory, is to eat lean/clean meats, various veggies and various fruits. Kick out all your processed stuff, pizza and crap food (save cheat meals 2-4x a month).

It’ll take a while, but you’ll definitely feel better over all. Worry about the details later, work on the main points now. Good luck.

Just remember this: You will never find the ultimate program. It doesn’t exist. So don’t waste time getting bogged down in all the details and forget to go to the gym for weeks on end. Just get in the gym and learn as you go.