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Maiquel Falco Brawl Video


I thought some of you might find this video interesting, for those who haven't seen it already, with the discussion on here about MMA for self defense and the reality of how quickly things can escalate. I'm not sure how to embed, but I've posted the links below:


forgot to mention that Maiquel Falcão is a Brazilian MMA fighter with a record of 31-5. He's the one in the black shirt that grabs the girl.


Pretty much exactly what all of us have been saying all along. Don't start a fucking street fight, no matter how good you are. That's all there is to it. Not that MMA is shitty for self defense, it's that your MMA training never comes into play with a fucking brawl like this, because some thug cracks you upside the head with a weapon and then stomps on your face repeatedly. Case in point: this video. Endurance: check. Technique: check. Accuracy: check. Power: double check. Used to getting punched: check.

Didn't fucking matter.


That guy is a real piece of shit. Glad he caught what was coming to him.


Undisputable proof that it doesn't matter what style you do if you get smacked from behind with a bat


beat me, i was thinking of that self defense thread when I saw this vid. That sure escalated quickly


Just reading about it online and it seems it was actually his mate Kaue Mena that caught most of it and is in a critical condition. He was the one who was getting laid into while unconscious on the ground.

Guess it's also a lesson to pick your mates carefully.


Not sure if his friend got what he deserved for hanging out with the wrong guy though, getting punched to the head, stomped and soccerkicked in to a vegetable seems like kind of a harsh sentence for that I'd say

Seems like Kirks beat me to it though.


Fucking piece of shit...... Rule number 1 for being a man. Don't touch other mens women. Who are other mens women? Anyone that is not your daughter, sister or mother. Plain and fucking simple.

Sucked in to the cunt. He's be shot in our neck of the woods. He got off easy with a beat down.


weak cunt.

obvious respect problem for women.wouldnt have made a move if there was a male friend nearby.got severely embarrassed/stood over in the shop.

I don't know if I would have shot him in the face/kicked him while he was unconscious or hit him from behind with a bat but he definitely deserved to be knocked out.


spot on mate.


Yup. The presence of multiple opponents and weapons also drastically changes things. MMA never, ever even addresses these differences or strategies to dealing with them because such things never occur in an MMA fight.


No denying that. That said, I would be interested to know of any form of self defense, other than not being a wanker in the first place, that could have lead to a different outcome in this situation. Whatever your art, however reality based, I would be very surprised if there are any skills that could have lead to two unarmed men winning against 8 men, one of whom was carrying a 2x4.

I am completely on board with the idea that MMA, boxing etc, fail to teach you anything strategic when dealing with multiple attackers or weapons. Short of having a bigger/better weapon, or not being cunty in the first place though, it's hard to see how this scenario could have played out any differently.


The only skill that would have worked outside is being accurate with a pistol.


A gun would be the only thing that could have changed the outcome. With that said, a gun on both sides of this story could have ended pretty badly.


Don't fuck with Brazilians. Especially, when they've got their big family and multitude of friends hanging by. When they don't 2x4 you, they fucking quarter and decapitate you.

The laws of streetfighting are ruthless. Beating on Mena while he was unconscious was quite excessive. It sucks that had to be him, especially since he wasn't the one to start that shit.


Well, first a good RMA would have taught you to be a respectful, honorable person; not some woman bashing, chest thumping "I can take on 8 guys because I have a successful MMA record" douche like the guy in the video. So, yeah, like you said, it would teach you the legal and moral reasons not to be a wanker in the first place.

Second, it would have taught you to effectively control distance and keep yourself protected at all times (I find it quite amusing that while in the ring sport fighters tend to do this at all times, yet when it comes to real world violence they often fail miserably at it); so no "getting up in the other guy's face and jawing at him". If I was going to get that close to someone I would only be doing it to get in range to ambush them, not waste my breath telling them how "tough" I was (in fact I'd rather them underestimate me so that it comes as even more of a surprise to them when I am on top of them savagely beating them).

Third, a good RMA would have taught you that in such situations (multiples/weapons), that the last thing you want to do is engage them on even ground unarmed. There was no attempt to use an encumbrance (looked like they were in a convenience store, so you've got shelves, probably a back/staff door, and the front counter which you could have put between you and your opponents to decrease their access to you or at least slow their assault), an equalizer/force multiplier (again, you're in a convenience store, You've got beer/soda cans/bottles that you can hurl at people heads or use as impact or even edged weapons, you've probably got lighters and spray oil cans that you could use as a makeshift blowtorch, there might have been a firearm behind the counter that you could have accessed, if they sell hot sauce you could smash a bottle on someone's face or even just open it and fling it in people's faces to temporarily blind them, they probably sell coffee which you could use the pots to smash over people's heads or just again throw in people's faces to burn/blind them, etc...), there was no attempt to "cluster" the opponents (angle yourself so you only have to fight 1-2 at a time/don't get surrounded), or heck, just get the heck out of Dodge.

In short, he was thinking like an MMA fighter and not like a RMA fighter and as a result got his butt kicked.


In all reality, these odds are awful and no martial art can save you when you're already in the hole so far.

If you're a streetfighter, or you take one of the very, very hard-to-find reality martial arts that are actually taught by competent instructors, maybe you've got a better chance - as Sento alluded to, maybe they would have taught you to use an improvised weapon and bounce immediately after.

But honestly, it wasn't the sport-fighting SKILLS that hurt these guys - after all, they are going to be some of the finest available, and there's only so many ways to punch - it was that sport fighting MENTALITY of, "Yea, we'll go chest to chest. Yea, fuck you too. Go ahead, hit me faggot."

In effect, where one of my boys who's been locked up for a while would have cracked the closest guy and run, these guys wanted to stand and fight like cowboys. As a result, they got whooped.

The skills can't save you if you don't understand the strategy necessary to deploy those skills. If you're the NVA, you just can't fucking stand toe-to-toe with the US Army. So you hit and run, and when you're outgunned and outfucked, you get out of there and fight another day, because they got the drop on you this time and staying in there is going to be bad for you health.



Though, MMA skills are going to be completely lacking in terms of things like weapons defensive/offensive skills or multiple opponent skills/strategy. So in fairness while MMA skills are among the best within the specific context, relevant/legal arsenals, and environment that apply to a sport fight, they will also be severely lacking in skills outside of that arena.

So, while the tools in their tool box may have been of excellent quality, they brought the wrong tool box for that specific job.


dude he touched her which was uncool but that hardly warrants what happened to him and his buddy