Maintnence level

How do I find out my caloric maintnence level? Thank you

Estimate what you think it would be. Then, eat that amount. If you don’t gain or lose weight, it’s your maintenance. In other words, trial and error is the best method.

I beleive in one of the “growth surge project” articles you will find a good equation to use, or at least a link to one. use the search engine at the home page.

Read the Massive Eating article by John Berardi.

I have to agree with the trial and error statement. Many of the diets here have a magin number to multiply your weight by, but everyone has a different idea of what that magic number should be. I think its up to the individual since everyone has a different activity level, eats different brands of food, takes bigger shits, works out more or less, blah blah blah… Hope that helps somewhat or at least humours you.